Harmonium/Mantra Lessons

This private session is especially suited for someone wishing to learn sound mantras to heal their body, speech, thoughts and/or environment. Sacred Mantras, as old as the Vedas, have been used by yogis for thousands of years as a means to move energy, heal, honor and skillfully express emotions, and strengthen any weakness or dullness in the mind. Along with learning some specific mantras that you will pick out, the harmonium, the instrument most used in yoga for call and response chanting sessions (called Kirtan) will be introduced. With this training, you will learn the basic Sargam scale of all Indian classical music, the holy trinity of notes that any beginner can play, and numerous chants that use only three notes as a basic beginning to your experience. More complex chords and mantras can also be introduced. You will also learn to lead chanting sessions with Om and your favorite chant.

Advice on proper vocalization, breathing and projection of the voice will also be given, as well as homework assignments and feedback so that you gain the confidence you already have awaiting within you to share your voice and to mean what you say as well as artfully express (with skill and love) what you feel, sharing it with others. All beings are musicians. New Orleans is full of musicians. This is your opportunity to call back your voice, improve and express the throat chakra and tap into these ancient healing recipes. The harmonium will help you gain confidence to sing and to share and to match your voice to the sacred drone.

A harmonium will be provided for you if you do not have one. Special contacts from India can also be provided.

*These teachings may be offered by either Michelle Baker or Keith Porteous.

Harmonium/Mantra Lessons with Michelle Baker

Harmonium/Singing/Mantra Lesson 60 minutes – $108
Harmonium/Singing/Mantra Lesson 90 minutes – $130

Please contact Michelle – michelle@swanriveryoga.com to schedule your mantra or harmonium lesson.

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About Michelle

Michelle was first exposed to Sanskrit, Mantra and harmonium in 1996 at the Sivanananda Ashram where a large part of their practices is 2 hours of mantra recitation each day. She began offering Bhakti (the devotional arts of yoga) in the year 2000 by introducing the harmonium to New Orleans yoga classes for the first time. She has since traveled to India numerous times each year to learn proper Sanskrit pronunciation from Dr. Jaya Shree in Mysore India and training in bhakti/harmonium from those that live it fully, a group of Krishna devotees in India and MS. She also traveled to Rishikesh India on a Bhakti/Mantra retreat with the devotional band The Mayapuris to learn the art of offering the devotion. She has inspired numerous students in her trainings to purchase harmoniums and have a strong mantra practice. She leads Bhakti/musical/devotional trainings each year. Bhakti and mantra/singing is the very first thing she offers upon rising each morning. Read more about Michelle>>>

Harmonium/Mantra Lessons with Keith Porteous

Harmonium Lesson 60 minutes – $70
Harmonium Lesson 90 minutes – $100

Singing/Mantra Lessons 60 minutes – $70
Singing/Mantra Lessons 90 minutes – $100

Please contact Keith – keith@swanriveryoga.com to schedule your mantra or harmonium lesson.

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About Keith

Growing up in a musical family, Keith began piano at 5 and sang at school, church, and especially under her grandmother’s guidance. After years of choir, In New York, she studied voice for seven years and sang professionally in various bands including her own. Having studied yoga and Buddhist philosophy since 2007, she enjoys matching mantras with sound to provide accessible tools for us all to receive the teachings. At Swan River, she sings at every yoga class, leads the Singing Circle and provides a healing sound space via Temple of Sound. She is pursuing a Masters in Music Therapy at Loyola University and believes that the healing power of sound is accessible to us all. Read more about Keith>>>


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