Purple Reign Scholarship

In celebration of the life and legacy of Prince, his secret philanthropy, and his commitment to anti-racism, diversity, and a more equitable world, Swan River Yoga is offering a ‘Purple Reign Scholarship’ to a Person of Color (POC) for the 2017 400-Hour Teacher Training.


Purple Reign Scholarship

Due date to apply: April 20th, 2017

Total value of scholarship: $3,750 (value of 400-hr TT)


About 400-Hr Swan Yoga Training

Training Dates: May 10, 2017-November 15, 2017

*Hours/time of meeting that the applicate must be available: Wednesdays 6-10pm and a few weekends. This course is 6 months with a 2-week break in the summer from July 28th-Aug 11th.

>>>READ MORE about the 400-hr Swan Yoga Teacher Training in its entirety.

The media by which you can apply: song, spoken word, video, poem, photography, artwork, or essay. Submit either your chosen mode of expression or the below form to Swan School’s Director at SwanRiverYoga@yahoo.com or bring a copy in person to Swan River Yoga Mandir and leave at the front desk during business hours.

Address: Swan River Yoga, 2940 Canal Street, Mid-City, NOLA 70119

Your submission must acknowledge the following two questions. If using the form below, please feel free to use additional space if needed. Deadline for submission is April 20th, 2017.