Special Ongoing Events

Sound bowls

SOUND BATH with Michelle Baker & Rob Dill

Offered Tuesdays & Wednesdays weekly.                                                       
A special 2 Hour Sound Bath offered once per month.                
Please check the online schedule for dates.

This is a Swan River Yoga Original! 2 teachers and musicians will be present to serve you as you bathe in sacred sounds, music, and love songs from India and beyond. 40 Crystal bowls will soothe you along with a giant gong and other unique, high frequency instruments to break and clear energetic patterns within you, soothe the nervous system and activate the chakra points. This is an experience like no other – heavenly, celestial and familiar. With the unique 2 hour journey of restorative yoga, Thai yoga therapeutics and sacred sounds in healing hands you cannot go wrong. All things come from sound. All things are sound. All things go back to sound.


energy clearing class


Offered once per month. Please check the online schedule for dates.

Open to all beings. No experience is necessary. No yoga asana will take place. This is not a Reiki Training but an open class. This will be deeply clearing and self empowering. There are numerous Reiki tools that are are to the public offered in our Reiki Trainings that many beings can learn to do without learning how to give Reiki. If ever you have felt energetically heavy, disturbed, vulnerable, thrown off center, or weighted down, there are very accessible tools you can practice daily as to clear yourself energy body, called the Pranic Body.

In this class, you will go through many of the same exercises we do in our Reiki trainings that are appropriate to share without going through the training, yet we will not share Reiki on anyone but ourselves. Especially in Reiki 1, numerous techniques are given so that one can learn to clear themselves. Especially done over the course of a weekend, you will feel tremendously light filled response.


energy clearing class


Usually starts on Mondays at the beginning of the month. Please check the online schedule for dates.

Pure Beginners – Semi-Private Series for New Students

Always wanted to try yoga, and not sure where to begin? Not quite ready to jump into a public class? Looking for a breakdown of the fundamentals of yoga? Take a deep breath. This series is for you!

In this 4- week series, created exclusively for beginners, we will cover: -the names and mechanics of key yoga postures -creating a solid foundation -alignment techniques to keep you practicing safely – breathing exercises to support your practice from the inside out – how to use props for support and modifications. Start your practice safely in a welcoming environment, with specific emphasis on your personal alignment needs. Our group will be small (Capacity 9).


Sound bowls

YOGA NIDRA/YOGIC SLEEP with Michelle Baker

Please check the online schedule for dates.

Yoga Nidra, translated as “union with the deep unconscious, untethered state” is a guided lying down practice where space is held to heal and access the subtle flow of energy (prana). It is a conscious state of deep relaxation where the body is asleep yet the mind is awake in active trance and participation. This yogic practice reveals the power of stillness where you activate a specific healing process on an energetic level. One session is thought to be as healing and nourishing as 3 hours of deep sleep, yet there is clear guidance into healing particular aspects of your body, be it trauma, accidents, disease and physical conditions & imbalances, disorders, problems sleeping, addictions as well as healing consciousness, chakras, koshas, emotions, memories, routines, patterns or thought forms. It is perfect if you need a personal time to go deep, to be still and to be silent, healing the sympathetic nervous system.

Done lying down, please bring anything that makes you feel comfortable for the deep sleep state. (personal blankets, pillows, shawls) We too have proper props and blankets for you to attain deep rest. This session will remove blockages and support deep healing. It will empower you to access the creative principle where potentiality and creating quick shifts is possible. Very deep results often come about from these sessions. For this reason it is encouraged that you are silent after class and process the visions and sensations you had.

All levels and bodily conditions, ages and abilities are encouraged to come. Proper tools are available to make it accessible for anyone and no experience is necessary beyond a willingness to surrender and heal past impressions. The first 20 minutes will be an explanation of the affects of Yoga Nidra as well as it’s origin and 60 minutes will be a deep healing, lying down, where you are asked to no longer move once the visualization session begins. There will be a chance afterward to either continue sitting in silence or to comment on your experiences or ask questions.


Ayurveda Yoga Therapy Series

Ayurveda Yoga Therapy Series

This special series will be offered 1 Sunday per month. Please check the online schedule for dates.

This educational series with Michelle Baker is in 3 parts. 1 lecture, 1 Slow Down/Restorative Yoga practice specific to digestion and 1 take home natural remedy.

To get an idea of what your Ayurveda Yoga Therapy Series will contain for the year, please refer to the list below for upcoming modules.
November: Digestion & Food As Medicine
December: Winter Season
January: Mental Wellness & Depression
February: Healthy Heart, Love & Grief
March: Skin Health & Glow
April: Spring Season Health
May: Safe Spring Detoxing & Ama
June: Summer Season; All about being Pitta
July: The Liver, Heat and Anger
August: Menopause, Adrenals & Hormones
September: Sleep and Insomnia
October: Fall Season, Multi Tasking & Being a Vata
November: Food as Medicine & Food Combining
December: Winter Health, Bones & Kapha Dosha