Ayurveda Yoga Therapy Program

Ayurveda Yoga Therapy Program
Michelle Baker; Ayurveda Yoga Therapist

Dates & Schedule:
◦ September 19, 21 & 22, 2018  :: Ayurveda 1  – 12 hours

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Course Description

Welcome to Swan River Yoga’s and New Orleans’ first Ayurveda Yoga Therapy Program! Ayurveda is the Mother of Yoga. As Yoga is a whole system, it would not be complete without the practical applications of the original holistic medicine of India.

Learn to heal your life naturally through the alchemy of your daily routines. Ayurveda, the science of Life, is the Mother science of Yoga. One cannot exist without the other. Both practices must be there for a thorough experience of yoga to take place. Join us in healing your senses, body and life!

The dates of all 4 modules are:
◦ September 19, 21 & 22, 2018  :: Ayurveda 1  – 12 hours

Benefits of Doing the Ayurveda Yoga Therapy Program:

Receive supplemental, integrative, holistic and practical applications that can enhance any profession or personal life style.

In a world of lots of yoga, if you are a certified Yoga Teacher of 200 hours or more, you may choose to personalize your yoga offerings with an Ayurvedic language.

Receive access to both a community satsang and online private Ayurveda Consultation group to ask questions, receive advise and inspirations.

Module 1: The Elements, Tri-doshic Yoga & Alchemy
16 Hours
Wed 6-9:30 PM / Fri: 6-9:30 PM / Sat. 11-3

*The nature of disease
*The Elements are medicine (Mahabutas)
*Prakruti & Vikruti
*Constitutional examination of yourself & others Vata, Pitta, Kapha
*Diagnose constitutions (doshas)
*Applying medicine to the 5 senses (Tanmatras…touch, sound, taste, smell, see))
*Practice yoga according to your dosha’s imbalance; do’s and don’ts
*Alchemy Play day (make essential oils, body oils & scrubs, heat/cold therapy, color therapy, sound therapy, eye cups, body brushing, tongue scraping, neti pot, supplements/herbs)
*Basic philosophies of Ojas, Ama, Chikitsa, Dinacharya,Satchitananda, Prana/Tejas/Ojas
*Intro to the focus of digestion and sleep
*Introduction to Dhanvantari, Vishnu, Adisesha & the churning of the ocean
*Note, A Yoga Practice will take place in sessions. Please where asana clothing!

“Nothing is right for everyone and everything is right for someone. Ayurveda is the science of learning what is right for you.” Dr. Marc Halpern. “Healing Your Life.”

Dates & Investment:

◦ June 29 – July 1 , 2018  :: Ayurveda 1  – 12 hours  $360

To join the Ayurveda Yoga Therapy Program, click on the button to register thru Mindbody: Register Today

Bios of your Faculty:

Michelle Baker; Director and Faculty. Ayurveda Yoga Therapist

Michelle Baker, the Founder of Swan River Yoga and the Director of Swan School, the Reiki Program, Restorative Yoga Program and the Ayurveda Yoga Therapy Program. She has studied yoga consistency since 1996 and taught yoga since 1998 around the world. She has numerous certifications in various styles of yoga and has been to India 9 times, where she picked up the teachings of Ayurveda naturally in the environments and lifestyles of it’s origin. She has visited many Ayurveda clinics in Southern India.

Always interested in forms of Energy Medicine, she  has been a Reiki Master since the year 2000, studying all 3 levels of Reiki. She has been offering Reiki trainings since 2012.  She is also certified in Pranic Healing, an Advanced Energy System created by Master Choa Kok Sui as well as Pranic Psychotherapy. She has taken numerous courses in the mystical teachings of the Kabbalah, an energy system based on the Tree of Life, studied various forms of energy from the indigenous of Bali Indonesia.

After a desire to better understand the fusion of the energy body with the physical body, she began studying more in-depth forms of the practical applications in the modality of natural medicine, Ayurveda, the very first systematized holistic medicine  in the world.

She was officially certified as Ayurveda Yoga Therapist at the Sivananada Vedanta Center through Dr Marc Halpern, the director of the California College of Ayurveda , which focuses on the energy of the 5 elements of the body and the bodies ability to stay in energetic harmony through the 5 senses, including yoga asana.  She  completed the first series  course as an Ayurveda Therapist from Dr. David Frawley in 2017. In March, 2018, she received certification in Polarity Therapy, 5 Element Body Work and Sound Therapy. In May 2018 a Yoga Nidra Certification as it applies to Ayurveda.  Her goal as her own practice evolves is to, in stillness, invite more focus to our innate and empowered Wellness and less focus to illness, remembering our original nature.