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An all encompassing, non-stationary ecstatically toned “Bhakti” project. Bhakti means to “celebrate devotion”. In the yoga tradition, this is done by singing, dancing, serving food, story-telling, art, offering and ritual.

Bhakti Caravan will introduce to you an entire Bhakti experience with vegetarian food, Sound Baths with Restorative Yoga that include gongs, crystal bowls, and bhajan lullabies, Live Kirtans that include Mantras and Gospel, Mridanga drum, kartals, harmonium, storytelling, poetry, classical dance performance, yoga performance, fire ceremonies and participatory dancing.

The Caravan is always adding new members and traveling to various studios. Solid member of the troupe include many devotees to Krishna from the Krishna Farm in Carriere MS as well as co-owner of Swan River, Michelle Baker and musician Sarah Quintana.

Bhakti Caravan performs often at Swan River, Krishna Temples & yoga studios around the Gulf Region as an entire experience. High vibrational clean, organic, vegan/veg food, observing art as well as singing and audience participation are often included with the family devoted to love. They also constantly raise money to also open Good Karma Cafe within Swan River Yoga Mandir.

They are available for hire for performance, kirtans, music lessons and catering for any event, concert, party or wedding.

Forrest Dwellers by Bhakti Caravan

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Bhakti Caravan is releasing their first ecstatic mantra CD: Forest Dwellers!

This CD was inspired by and pays respect to the original yogis, Rishis, and forest dwellers in communion with nature, the animals, and the elements. We hope it brings you magic and a remembrance of the exquisiteness of our lives and all things in nature.

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How to Contact Bhakti Caravan

For inquiries, please email Goshi Berg: or Michelle Baker:, the Caravan leaders.