Private Energy Clearing & Tuning Forks with Michelle Baker

A blend of numerous energy clearing techniques as studied by Michelle and according to what you need,  this private session could include practices or teachings in Reiki, Pranic Healing, Polarity Therapy, Tuning Forks  and Sound Therapy with very specific protocols according to what your chakras and subtle body needs. This session can also cater to the physical, mental  or emotional pathology you address in disharmony, such  depression, anxiety, addiction, digestion, immune system, sleeplessness or overall stuck energy.

The overall goal of this Energy Clearing Session as Energy Medicine will be to invite a recalibration of the chakras, nervous system  and biochemistry by not only receiving but also being offered instruction on how to clear yourself so that you can continue to intuitively activate the life force within you and more clearly detect when it is imbalanced.

Services offered:

1 or 1.5 hr sessions

1 hour: $120
1.5 hour: $150

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Consultations via phone or Skype:
When Michelle is away from the Mandir, often many privates can still be done effectively and remotely. With this choice she will also additionally send you a follow up email of recommendations, self-empowering resources, prescriptions and advice, making this time far above and beyond the personal meeting you might have with her. She can also send you audio recordings and video clips as additional personal resources.

DEAL: Private Session Bundle- 6 Pack of 1 hour sessions (no expiration date): $670 *save $50 AND receive a FREE Yoga Nidra or Bhakti Caravan CD. $68 value!

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Payment for all Swan River Private sessions is due at the time of booking. Appointments are not confirmed until payment is received in full. Any cancellations, changes to the appointment, or no shows, within 24 hours or less of the appointment time, are subject to the full charge of the session fee.


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