Integrative Wellness Therapy Counseling

Access the Psycho-spiritual, psycho-scientific and meta-physic as a well balanced form of healing. An Integrative Wellness Therapy Session will inspire and promote your ability to Self-heal. This session will offer you modern holistic and ancient tools to begin your integrative process.

Training in yoga since 1998, Michelle has over the years studied numerous styles of yoga asana, from Ashtanga, Yoga Therapy & Restorative Yoga. She is trained in Ayurveda practices that include diet, sleep therapy, herbs and oils. She has studied various Energy Medicine techniques such as Reiki Master, Pranic Healing, Kaballah Tree of Life, Sound Therapy and Polarity Therapy. She has lived with Sages in India and studied Mantra, Sound healing and Sound Therapy. She learned from divine teachers the many philosophies such as the Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita and Bhakti Sutras. This council is a blend of many years of exposure to and living with mystics, Sages, Saints, Masters in both the east and the west.

These integrative sessions ask that you also do the work with tools you might not have considered nor been exposed to. Each sessions goal is to access your Higher Self as to develop and rebuild your independence by undoing any past ego, familial, cultural or social that has kept you repeating patterns that seemed to keep you feeling helpless. We are here to re-integrate your independence.

From this vast list of modalities, overall Wellness Therapy Council may be just what you need, according to what you are wishing to explore and where your current imbalance lies.

In a Wellness Council Session, we may explore:
1. Discussion of your current imbalance. This could be emotional, life/illness/injury/death experience, or Yogic advise from a holistic approach such as the physical body, energy body, emotional/ego body, the mental state and the Higher Self (Spirit).

2. Feedback from these 5 states with access to the 5 elements with teachings based on what is applicable.

3. Practices according to our Wellness focus, such as pranayama, EFT Tapping, Energy & Emotional Clearing techniques, rituals, or yoga specific to your needs.

4. Homework given to you within the 5 bodies and 5 elements. A daily routine and exercise sequence will be created for you to apply. Books to read, podcasts and online or upcoming courses may be prescribed for you.

5. After a prescribed amount of days, a follow up and check In as to check the status of your daily homework and means to liberation will take place by email, asking you to write down what arose for you and the process you went through.

Modality Prescriptions Specific to you:

A blend of Modalities will be “prescribed” to you to practice for 40 days, including some or many of the following: Ayurveda Yoga Therapy, Asana, Pranayama , Yoga Nidra, Sleep Rituals, Ayurveda (Natural medicine), Appropriate Constitution specific diet, herbs, essential oils, stones, cleanses, colors, affirmations, EFT Tapping, Pranayama, Yoga as Therapy, Energy Medicine, Reiki, Polarity Therapy, Long distance healing, Sound Therapy, Crystal bowls for chakras, tuning forks, prescribed Mantras, music/harmonium, prayers, invocations, rituals, meditations, visualizations, cord cutting philosophy inspirations from ancient and modern books on yoga.

Examples of Imbalances for possible discussion:

Physical Body:
Current or ongoing injury, current or ongoing illness, hormonal imbalance (puberty, peri-menopause, menopause, menses), adrenal fatigue, endrocine system, digestive imbalance, sleeplessness, cleanses, vital organs, skin, bones, joints, sexual vitality, sinuses, relationship to the elements, the immune system, heart/lung health, Aging, Dying, Death, addiction, Trauma release, change of body cycles, relationship to nature, adaptability to the seasons, Cleansing

Energy Body:
Inert/low energy, excessive energy, lack of flow of the life force in specific areas of the body, lack of manifestation, unable to access harmony, attracting discordant energy or thought forms, psychic disturbances, dream disturbance, connecting the spirit world into the physical, attracting abundance & joy, non-reaction

Emotional Body:
Ego, Anger, Judgement or feeling judged, shame, guilt, sustaining happiness & joy, hate, broken heart, grief, bitterness, being misunderstood, sadness, grief, loss, emotional trauma, jealousy, numbness, lack of desire, lack of intimacy, lack of motivation, lack of self worth, ego battle, safety, being heard, abundance , daily rituals, devotion, faith, imagining, specialness, being misunderstood, abandonment, developing trust in relationships, attachment, forgiveness

Mental Body:
Mental wellness, Chaos &stillness, becoming a mental athlete, Refining Discernment, Clear Boundaries, Clear Speech, sharing your voice, Neurotransmitter realignment, Releasing criticism & comparison of self or others, connecting Consciousness to Emotions, Being with anxiety, Nervous system health, applying Structure, Realistic Planning,Spiritual Business

Bliss Body/Higher Self:
Filtering your Knowledge vs Wisdom, accessing the ethereal, calling on Spirit, Seeing the Divine in all, Appreciation, needing no credit, accepting an apology you never received ritual, replacing negativity with positivity, Embodying the Higher Self, accessing Non-dual Love, Duality vs non-duality, Being Loving, Allowing, Spiritual Guides, Accessing conscious dreams, Loving the Divine, accessing ancestors

Initial Consultation fee with outtake forms: $165
Follow-up Consultations – 1.5 hrs – $140 or 1 hr – $120

DEAL: Private Session Bundle- 6 Pack of 1 hour sessions (no expiration date): $670 *save $50 AND receive a FREE Yoga Nidra or Bhakti Caravan CD. $68 value!

***These courses can be done one on one if you are in New Orleans, or remote (phone,Skype or WhatsApp)


Payment for all Swan River Private sessions is due at the time of booking. Appointments are not confirmed until payment is received in full. Any cancellations, changes to the appointment, or no shows, within 24 hours or less of the appointment time, are subject to the full charge of the session fee.


Group Integrative Therapy Lecture

Swan Talk with Swan Michelle

“The only thing holding you back from feeling empowered, living your dreams and taking the world on as your playground of teachings, growth and ultimate joy, prosperity and health is you, but first you must be willing to undo you.” Swan Michelle

The motivation of semi-private lecturing is to get you, your close loved ones or your tribe back into your original, self empowered, non-worried and deeply fulfilled state.

Michelle has studied so many holistic forms of therapy, trained intimately with top Master teachers in their field, and maintained a steady work ethic reaching thousands of beings Internationally in her successful 20 year career. From all forms of lineage rooted Yoga, Psychotherapy, Energy Medicine, Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda & Natural medicine & science.

One goal she has always been a vivid advocate of, getting free, and all of us liberated together. Getting free means:

Desire: Realizing what you are doing isn’t working for you or is not deeply fulfilling having access to the correct information that aligns with you

Action: Being willing to take on the principles, practices & holistic ethics, applying them to your daily life with work. Enjoy the efforts!
Consistency: Do so over an elongated period of time

Willingness: Do new things you haven’t considered or perhaps heard of before and be willing to undo that which no longer serves you with faith and trust.

Acceptance: Boldly be available for a destiny that aligns with and moves your Soul, accepting the process and the time that Spirit understands, in sequence and patience, for your acceptance and readiness.

If this resonates for you, book your Private, Semi Private, or Group lecture with integrative practice techniques now. Michelle/Nancy will check in with you in 30 days to be sure you have had follow through in your practices for these life changes.

“Sometimes it is a solo, inside job. Sometimes it takes an entire tribe.”

Here are the themes you can choose from. Each theme will ask all of the above 5 steps of you.

Request A Swan Talk Session

The Power & Process of Forgiveness
The Nature of Judgment
Energy Loss: Call Your Power Back
Abundance & Manifestation Techniques
Change Your Beliefs- Change Your Life
Guidance; Calling On Spiritual Guides
Tools for Psychic Protection & Home Clearing
Cut The Cords- Inappropriate Energy Exchanges
Non-Dual Love & Acceptance
Power vs Force
Energy Blocks & Fear
Letting Go & Moving On
Abundance & Poverty Consciousness
Clear Boundaries & Clear Speech
Addictive Deprogramming
Back To Joy; Shame, Blame & Guilt
Chaos Is Your Friend
Emotional Freedom Techniques
Food is Medicine; Detox & Harmonize
Life Cycles, Seasons, Time & Aging
Sleep Therapy; Sleep is your greatest medicine
Awaken Your Intuitive Faculty

About Michelle

Michelle is a devoted student, yogini and musician. She is the Founder & Co-Owner of Swan River Yoga and offers several teacher trainings, reiki courses, yoga workshops & retreats all year long. Read more about Michelle>>>


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