Keith Porteous

Services offered:
Dharma Counseling (including meditation)*
Regular Private Yoga Session with full hands-on assists
Singing Lesson
Harmonium Lesson

Pricing: $70 / 50 minutes, $95 / 75 minutes

Dharma Counseling description:
Beginning with a traditional counseling exchange of sharing and reflection, these customized sessions will move into a led meditation specifically designed to address concerns which need honoring and processing. Restorative yoga with sung mantra relative to the student’s concerns may also be used. Each session is unique and will build on the one before. Some “homework” in the form of journaling may be recommended at the end of the session. The goal of these sessions is not weekly therapy but a specific period of time to honor concerns and hone tools with which one can practice anywhere at any time. Using led meditations from Tibetan Buddhism, these sessions offer a safe, confidential, setting in support of the student’s personal journey. Shared philosophy study of an ancient text may be included as best serves the student.

Contact: to book a session.