Yogi Life & Death Counseling

This session would include a number of healing modalities that Michelle intuitively feels you need. It may be meditation training, Energy Reiki clearing, Restorative Yoga, Breathing exercises, Getting in touch with the Spirit world and guides, Visualizations, Empowerments, Revocations, Invocations, Council from a yogic philosophy point of view, yoga asana or Sound Therapy for deep healing where you co-participate.

The theme can range from anything related to childhood, family, relationships, stuck energy, physical therapy, mental or emotional afflictions, disease therapy, dealing with trauma, grieving, abuse, break-ups, violence, dying or death. One can ask for help to let go of something from the past, a current ailment or life change, or getting council, private and personal advice. This Counsel will be a blend of various modalities and trainings that Michelle has undertaken for years in preparation to serve you more effectively and in a very real life way.

Life and Death Counsel provides tools to free one of attachment to any suffering or any intense change we are going through in the cycles of nature so that our innate serenity and equanimity of mind is not disturbed.

Michelle realizes and has profound experience in this moments in her many years of being present for the community to be a very sensitive time and will hold space for you and be completely present with techniques that are sustainable, compassionate and understanding of the human condition.

She has also assisted especially those going through the death process, holding space for Soul’s leaving their body into the death of the body. This is a very intense and moving moment where yogi’s believe conscious practices can assist in the Soul’s liberation. Based on the Vedic teachings and the Tibetan Book of the Dead, Michelle is willing to assist someone thought this. Various offerings may take place, such as listening, providing yogic philosophies on the concepts of birth, death and the natural laws of change and impermanence as well as what the yogis believe to be the most auspicious way to leave the body, with mantra and the guidance of a being to assist them move forward without attachment to life.

1 hour session: $120
1.5 hour session: $150

Contact: nancy@swanriveryoga.com to book a session.

Consultations via phone or Skype:
When Michelle is away from the Mandir, often many privates can still be done effectively and remotely. With this choice she will also additionally send you a follow up email of recommendations, self-empowering resources, prescriptions and advice, making this time far above and beyond the personal meeting you might have with her. She can also send you audio recordings and video clips as additional personal resources.

DEAL: Private Session Bundle- 6 Pack of 1 hour sessions (no expiration date): $670 *save $50 AND receive a FREE Yoga Nidra or Bhakti Caravan CD. $68 value!

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Payment for all Swan River Private sessions is due at the time of booking. Appointments are not confirmed until payment is received in full. Any cancellations, changes to the appointment, or no shows, within 24 hours or less of the appointment time, are subject to the full charge of the session fee.

About Michelle

Michelle is a devoted student, yogini and musician. She is the Founder & Co-Owner of Swan River Yoga and offers several teacher trainings, reiki courses, yoga workshops & retreats all year long. Read more about Michelle>>>


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