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At Swan River, we have a team of dedicated massage therapists who offer a variety of healing massage services both in our Mid-City Mandir & Uptown location. Please read more about our therapists below to learn more about their offerings. If you’d like to schedule a massage, you can contact the therapist yourself to set up a time that is suitable for you.

Payment for all Swan River Private sessions is due at the time of booking. Appointments are not confirmed until payment is received in full. Any cancellations, changes to the appointment, or no shows, within 24 hours or less of the appointment time, are subject to the full charge of the session fee.

Swan River:  LA Massage Board Establishment License #’s :
E4240 & E4242



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Orthopedic Massage

Joe Stein

Ayurvedic Massage

Taylor Tidwell

Therapeutic Massage

Serra Wobbema


Massage with Joe Stein

Certified Orthopedic Massage Therapist – Amrita Massage Sanctuary

Services offered:

60 Minute Partial Body Massage
90 Minute Full Body Massage
*Specializes in orthopedic and mio-facial release technique

Contact Joe at or give him a call at 504-251-3273 to book your massage session.

Prices: Available upon request

LMT # 4444

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Ayurevdic Table Massage with Taylor Tidwell

These luxurious Ayurvedic treatments known as bliss therapies from ancient India come out of the natural healing system of Ayurveda. They are completely unique in the way that they use warm herbal medicated oils and utilize different sense therapies to guide the individual back into a state of homeostasis . The goal of all of Ayurveda is to bring a being back to their own specific balance of the elements known in Ayurveda as one’s particular dosha. These incredible therapies are world renowned for their ability to soothe, to calm, and to bring one back into harmony of spirit.

Services offered:

Ayurvedic Table Massage
Shirodhara Blissful Mind Therapy
Svedana Herbal Steam Therapy

For a full list of services offered and pricing please visit

Contact Taylor at to book your Thai bodywork session.

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About Taylor

Taylor came in touch with yoga at the Sivananda Ashram in the Bahamas in 2013 & it was there that he received his first Thai Yoga Massage session and was blown away by the beauty of this healing practice and the symbiosis between Yoga and Thai Massage. Read more about Taylor>>>

LMT-8103 | E-4231


Therapeutic Massage with Serra Wobbema

About Serra

Serra Wobbema is a well-seasoned licensed massage therapist, and yoga teacher. Her services include massage therapy, yoga and meditation. Packages are available, so you can personalize your WobbeMassage experience.

Serra’s holistic approach to the healing arts promotes self-care and body awareness. Strengthen your commitment to yourself to prevent or recover from dis-ease.

E3892 & LA5112

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