Michelle Baker

Michelle offers a diverse variety of services that exemplifies the many ways yoga can be practiced and experienced. With the following menu, Michelle has either trained directly with a source in India or Thailand or received a certification and permission from teachers to share this.

1 hour session: $108
1.5 hour session: $130
Pujas & Weddings are negotiated upon booking the event
$350 minimum for a a fully conducted wedding ceremony

Contact: Michelle@swanriveryoga.com to book a session.


Michelle’s Private ” One on One” Menu include the following:

  • Private Yoga Session with full hands-on-assists
  • Reiki Energy Clearings ( Chakra Reading & Consultations)
  • Sanskrit, Mantra Singing Lessons
  • Harmonium Lesson
  • Restorative Yoga & Sound Therapy
  • Thai Yoga Therapeutics & Reiki combination
  • Wedding Officiant- spiritual (and legal) wedding ceremonies
  • Yogi Life & Death Counseling
  • Pujas; Ceremonial events

On-Site Private Sound Baths
Private 1.5 hour Sound Bath: 2-4 people $130 (with Michelle only)
Private 1.5 hour Group Sound Bath: 5-12 people $300 (with Michelle only)
Private 1.5 hour Large Group Sound Bath: 13-40 people $550 (with Michelle and Rob) $550

Off-site Sound Baths: In the luxury of your environment, home, business, convention
Private 1.5 hour Sound Bath: 2-4 people $200 (with Michelle only)
Private 1.5 hour Group Sound Bath: 5-12 people $450 (with Michelle only)
Private 1.5 hour Large Group Sound Bath: 13-30 people $700 (with Michelle and Rob)
40 + people = $1,000 minimum.

*The cost goes up substantially as the props must be transported and cleaned for your convenience.

Reiki is another word for life force, chi, ki, prana or shakti. In a reiki clearing session, clear energy is directed into the subtle body. The subtle body energy carries with it emotions, memory and thought forms, of which are also freed in the pure flow of Grace. A reiki session is a deep cleanse to first read the chakra system you are currently operating under and redirect it into an optimal Source of light, back into the central channel. It is a time to confront deep issues one is working on as the session is very intimate. One can also opt to receive counseling or any guidance about perceiving energy within and around you in the life force that we all share. It is helpful to know what you are currently operating under in your own energy field if certain modes of consciousness or aspects of your life are feeling stuck or deeply imprinted. There are also a few reiki practices and visualizations one can learn to maintain clear energy, clean house, or feel strong in your force field when dealing with challenging issues where it feels your energy could potentially get thrown off center. This will help to keep you bright & operating at a high frequency.

A reiki session is very different from a massage session as it is not hands on. It does not manipulate the muscular system in any way and is very subtle in it’s clearing. One should leave after feeling a new sense of potential, old thought forms and emotions released, and energized in a very clear, pure way. Michelle is a Reiki Level III Master and has been practicing Reiki regularly since 2004.

An elegant Ayurvedic Style of Receiving Gentle Yoga and bodywork. Based on the Nuad Boran Thai Technique of the Vedas, this is an Ayurvedic style of “receiving” yoga. The recipient, lying down, receives yoga positions and a unique form of Thai bodywork. This consists of following and clearing the “Sen” lines, or nadis, in a rhythmic manner for the release of pressure points, called “marmas”. The therapist uses all parts of their body for the rhythmic stretching, through pressing and compressing by use of their feet, hands, palms, arms, knees, legs. Gentle pressure is given from head to toe, freeing all the systems of the body, including the lymphatic system, detoxifying, and softening tense muscles and mental blocks. It frees inertia, emotional stress, and tranquilizes the entire body by creating a harmonious symbiotic communication integrating all of the bodies systems. A yoga practitioner will recognize many of the poses, known as asana, all gentle and done in repetition for efficacy, as well as the breathing techniques implemented, known as pranayama. Revered as a medical folk art for it’s dignity and sophistication from India and Thailand, it is similar to having yoga done on you while getting a full body massage at the same time; the equivalent to heaven, Samadhi.

This session would include a number of healing modalities that Michelle intuitively feels you need. It may be meditation training, Energy Reiki clearing, Restorative Yoga, Breathing exercises, Getting in touch with the Spirit world and guides, Visualizations, Empowerments, Revocations, Invocations, Council from a yogic philosophy point of view, yoga asana or Sound Therapy for deep healing where you co-participate.

The theme can range from anything related to childhood, family, relationships, stuck energy, physical therapy, mental or emotional afflictions, disease therapy, dealing with trauma, grieving, abuse, break-ups, violence, dying or death. One can ask for help to let go of something from the past, a current ailment or life change, or getting council, private and personal advice. This Counsel will be a blend of various modalities and trainings that Michelle has undertaken for years in preparation to serve you more effectively and in a very real life way.

Contact: Michelle@swanriveryoga.com to book a session.