New to Yoga: Beginner’s Yoga

Our Swan River Beginner Classes are created to mindfully serve all students in the evolution of their practice with confidence and safety by exploring yoga poses with clear, slow instruction focused on foundation, alignment, and form. With two levels, we provide step-by-step instructions to aid in healing or preventing injury. These classes are led in an in-depth, approachable way to empower the student to experience their practice with any props and modifications needed to move into the general form of each pose.

Swan River Yoga Beginner’s Program offers:
• A Yoga Foundations Pure Beginner’s 4-week Semi-Private Series
• A Yoga Essentials Beginner’s 5-week Semi-Private Series: Delve into the essentials & background of Asana, Mantra, Dharma, Meditation & Pranayama) offered 3 times per year with the Senior Mentor teachers
• Weekly Pure Beginners: Foundations Level 1 classes: On-going weekly classes for new beginners.
• Weekly Beginners: Fundamentals Level 2 classes: On-going weekly classes that builds on the fundamentals learned in Level 1.

Keith Revovled Janu Sirsana

Other classes safe for Beginners:
• Restorative Yoga
• Sound Bath
• Dharma Class
• Yin Yoga
• Yoga Nidra
• Ageless Yoga
• Reiki
• Private Beginners Session; One on One


Yoga Foundations Pure Beginner’s Semi-Private Series (4-weeks):

This 4-week Series is designed for those who have never practiced yoga and who seek more personalized attention than might be received in a public class. Gain balance and build strength through developing a solid foundation in each pose. Create space in the spine and align the general form. Learn through demonstration, clear instruction, and proper use of props for safety. In a semi-private setting, you are assured to receive individualized attention and emphasis on personal limitations or injuries, and have time for questions. The next sessions are in August and October.

Yoga Essentials Beginner’s Semi-Private Series (5-weeks):

In this 5-week course with the Senior Mentors of Swan River Yoga, you will learn the essentials of what makes up a Swan River Yoga experience. These include many of the various paths and parts of the overall spectrum of yoga. Each week we will highlight one of the topics through teachings, followed by an asana practice. You will be served by one Mentor each week. Topics include the background of Hatha (Physical Yoga), Pranayama (the science of breath), Dharma (upholding ethics in dialogue), Bhakti (the arts of sharing love), and Meditation (stilling the mind-chatter).

Pure Beginners: Foundations Level 1:

For those entirely new to the practice. Develop strength and balance through emphasis on building the foundation of the pose, creating space in the spine, and aligning the general form. This class breaks down the asana poses succinctly, with proper use of props so they are safely explained, demonstrated, and experienced with modifications.

This class is appropriate for students with injuries and/or physical limitations.

Beginners: Fundamentals Level 2:

For beginning practitioners or on-going students who desire alignment-focused, slower moving classes. This class explains and demonstrates asana poses succinctly and with safety. Building on strength and balance, and a spacious spine, this class includes clear form and actions, solid alignment techniques, strengthening in backbends, and a slow introduction to more weight bearing poses on the upper body without vinyasa flow.

Once you feel comfortable in Beginners Level 2 and ready to advance to a more challenging class, here are some suggestions for what’s next:
1. Subtle Body Slow Down (Level 1)
2. Slow Flow (Level 2)
3. Swan River Yoga (Open Level)
4. Swan River Yoga (Level 2-3)

***For a full description of our classes, please visit our Class Description page to read more about our offerings.