28-Hr Restorative Yoga Teacher Training 2018

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training
With Michelle Baker and Kelly Haas
August 31 – September 2 & September 7-9th

Dates & Times:

August 31 – Sept. 2
Fri: 6-10
Sat: 11-3 & 4-7
Sunday: 9-12

September 7-9
Fri: 6-10
Sat: 11-3 & 4-8
2 Key Teachers. 28 Hour Module.

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Course Description

Course Description & Content:
Restorative Yoga is a healing journey that reaches each part of the human experience, from physical and esoteric anatomy of the body, including the Nadis, Chakras, and Koshas (veils), to the energetic, psychological, and neurological components of the practice.

Restorative Yoga is a receptive practice of mindful resting to heal injuries and/or traumas and invoke a deep sense of relaxation necessary for radiant, balanced health. It is vital to help move energy for anyone healing from any injury or trauma. As a teacher, it is critical that you know what to do, and how to skillfully and confidently respond to students in their process of healing.

Our Restorative Yoga Teacher Training is suitable for yoga teachers and those in the healing profession who wish to amplify their skills in one of the most accessible forms of yoga. You will be taught the physiology of relaxation, and experience the magic of restorative poses in your own body in this retreat training.

Co-faculty members, Michelle and Kelly, both with years of experience, will teach the art and skill of teaching restorative yoga from the most gross to the most subtle layers. We will give you a practical understanding of how restorative poses work for balance and inner quiet. We wish to help you make this type of yoga available to heal the masses, and so are offering this first dedicated course of its kind in the Gulf Region.

Restorative Yoga classes are some of our best attended classes at Swan River Yoga. There is a reason for this. Although it appears not much is going on in the outer form, a lot is happening in the undercurrents of our experience.

You will learn how to facilitate all components of a Swan River Restorative Yoga class. Along with getting into the poses properly with the use of various props, we also offer Thai Yoga Therapeutics in all of our Restorative Yoga Classes (Kelly and Michelle are both trained in this), Reiki Energy Clearing (Michelle is a Reiki Master), Sound Therapy through music and mantra, and essential oils for aromatherapy. Restorative Yoga Classes at Swan River will also always have a Dharma Talk and/or breathing exercises and meditation.

Schedule of training

Weekend 1 (16 hours) – Michelle Baker
Fri: 6-10
Sat: 11-3 & 4-7
Sunday: 9-noon

Friday 6-10pm
1. What is Restorative Yoga good for? History of Restorative Yoga

2. Demonstration, purpose and use of all basic props

3. Overall Macro Benefits, physical effects of all poses. Forward Folds, Backbends, Twists, Inversions

4. Shavasana Workshop; All modifications, purpose & types of Shavasana

5. Pranayama exercises while in a Shavasana modification

6. Subtle Body Review while in Shavasana ; Chakras

7. Subtle Body review while in Shavasana; Koshas

Saturday 11-3
Backbends; Demo, set up, modification, physical and metaphysical benefits

Do Supta Badha Konasana ; Review Vayu’s

Saturday 4-7pm
1. How to sequence a Restorative Yoga class; safety and direction

2. Class Transcripts and timing

3. Do a short Restorative Yoga Class

Sunday 9-noon
1. Yoga Nidra; The effects of stillness on Neuro-transmitters & brain waves

2. Meditation options: a) Mala beads b) mantra c) Higher Self Meditation

3. Inversions; set up, modification, physical and metaphysical benefits

4. Do 2 Inversions

5. Go over what Restorative Yoga Therapy looks like (for our Advanced Restorative Yoga Therapy Course and offering privates for medical therapy)

6. Yoga Nidra set up & practice to close

Weekend 2 (12 hours) – Kelly Haas
Friday – 6-10pm
Sat – 11-3pm & 4-8pm

Friday 6-10pm
Class & Welcoming Student Preparation
Art of Articulation: Language to Cultivate Relaxation
Therapeutic benefits for all asana (part 1)
Intro to All Forward Folds & Hip Openers of Restorative Yoga with demo, set up, modifications, hands on assists and break down of physical and metaphysical benefits.

Saturday 11-3
Intro to All twists of Restorative Yoga with demo, set up, modifications, hands on assists and break down of physical and metaphysical benefits.
Keys of Physical Observation
Contraindications of All Restorative Poses
Therapeutic benefits for all asana (part 1)
Healing Touch
Addressing Individual Needs & Common Conditions for Safety
Restorative Yoga as Yoga Therapy: effects and benefits

Saturday 4-8pm
Practicum: Find Your Voice, Teach, Receive Feedback
Receive Certificate of Completion

Training Content

restorative legs up wallKelly Haas will serve you in more effectively understanding:

Form: Key alignment in key restorative poses
Safety: Asana Therapuetics & Contra-indications
Assists: Physical assists and Thai Yoga Therapeutic techniques
Asana: Creative Restorative Asana Ideas
Props: What to do? Their structural uses and new creative ideas

Michelle Baker will serve you in more effectively understanding:

Flow: The Art of Sequencing Restorative Yoga with safety, skill, and creativity
Asana: Creative Restorative Asana Ideas perhaps you haven’t thought of
Energy/Reiki Clearings: Creating A Sacred Space; how to clear you, the students and the room energetically. Very primary steps to facilitating Reiki energy will be given.
Sound Therapy: Basic harmonium teaching, Basic mantras, Basic Sanskrit & learning calming melodies/lullabies
Breathing: Leading Pranayama & an offering of exercises
Meditation: Leading Meditation
Yoga Nidra: what it is and how to lead it

Training Dates & Costs

$575 > regular price (includes Restorative Teacher Training manual)

One weekend: $300.00 (Note: this price will not include a restorative teacher training manual)
One single Session: Drop- in $95

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For any questions or help with registration please contact: Deb@swanriveryoga.com.

About the Teachers

Michelle mermaid

Michelle Baker

Michelle Baker is the Founder and co-owner of Swan River Yoga, the director of the Swan River Yoga Teacher Training, member of the musical kirtan group Bhakti Caravan and a co-owner of Good Karma Prasad Cafe. She has been blessed with teaching yoga full time in New Orleans, the entire Gulf Region, NYC, the U.S. & internationally since 1998.

Her primary certifications are with Jivamukti Yoga, Anusara Yoga & Sivananda as well as being a student of Ashtanga in Mysore, India. She is also a Reiki Level III Master and has a certification in Ayurvedic Thai Yoga Massage from Sudevi Kramer and from The Sunshine School in Thailand. She also takes numerous trips to India to learn the ecstatic in the form of mantra singing, harmonium & Sanskrit studies.

Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of love and devotion and practiced by singing, dancing, ritual,art, serving & feeding others is her main path of passion. She is a member of the mantra group Bhakti Caravan with many Krishna Devotees, leading vocals, dance, crystal bowl concerts & gong. She offers lessons in mantra & harmonium.

She share’s her teaching globally, beyond the U.S. to Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Thailand, India and Indonesia.

She honors all of the beings that have influenced her deeply & of whom she has studied with personally & extensively, including Ram Dass, Sharon Gannon, Radhanath Swami, Shri K Pattabhi Jois, Geshe Michael Roach, Jaya Shree, the trees, the ocean, the stars, the sentient beings, the humble ones around the world. It is deeply important to her to honor, live, share, uphold & celebrate the true, authentic teachings of yoga, which is our lives.


Kelly Wheel

Kelly Haas

Kelly Haas, RYT-500, Yoga Therapist, Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher, avid Spanish-speaker, is sought after for her skilled eyes and hands in therapeutic and alignment-based yoga.

She shares her depth of clear, biomechanics alignment through all levels yoga asana classes, restorative, and privates, as well as pre-natal and specializes in specific conditions and integrative yoga therapies to make yoga accessible to every body.

She has thousands of hours in intensive yogic studies and trainings and over a decade’s teaching experience. She had the great fortune to manage the world tour for Anusara Yoga’s Founder for nearly 7 years, managing all aspects of Anusara’s events, while receiving countless hours of philosophy, asana, therapeutics, and hands-on adjustment training. Prior to, she directed the yoga program at Pura Vida Spa in Costa Rica (www.puravidaspa.com), where she was introduced to many influential teachers and a variety of yoga and healing therapies.

Kelly has taught yoga and therapeutics and traveled widely in the U.S., Latin America, and Asia.