Salt Room Therapy (Halotherapy)

Discover the benefits of Halotherapy while you relax and restore during one of our therapeutic sessions in The Himalaya Room. Practiced for centuries in Europe, Halotherapy is a natural treatment that cleanses both the airways & the skin to relieve congestion, inflammation & skin irritations. During each session, the atmosphere of the room is infused with micro-particles of salt which can be breathed deeply into the lungs to open & cleanse the airways of smoke, dust, pollutants, & other allergens. The micro-particles of salt are easily absorbed through the skin to help calm inflammation & promote hydration. The negatively charged ions of the salt create a deeply relaxing environment ideal for meditation & rejuvenation. You’ll leave each revitalizing session with a clearer breath & mind.


Single 45 minute Dry Salt Therapy Session | $35

3 Session Package | $90

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Payment for all Swan River Private sessions is due at the time of booking. Appointments are not confirmed until payment is received in full. Any cancellations, changes to the appointment, or no shows, within 24 hours or less of the appointment time, are subject to the full charge of the session fee.


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