Spring Into Action: 30 Day Challenge

We all know that discipline, boundaries, and consistency on the path of yoga are very rewarding but very hard to pull off. At Swan River Yoga, we recognize what a colossal effort it can be to make it to class amidst your work, family, and personal life obligations, but also how rewarding it is when you do. We recognize how hard it is to remain committed to what you know is good for you when it just doesn’t feel like you can prioritize it. Our 30-day challenge was created with all of this in mind. We truly hope it will offer you encouragement, motivation, and support in your practice so that you can get clear on your goals, feel better physically and mentally, and create a new routine that you can stick to.

This Spring Into Action 30-day Challenge includes:
• Attending your needed style of yoga class 3 days per week. We’re putting “needed’ here because some days what you need is Restorative or Slow Flow Class, and we recognize that. Some days you might crave more alignment instruction, which might lead you into a beginner’s class. This is not about trying to push yourself physically and attend a super challenging class every time you come the mat (although we know sometimes you need that, too!).
• Attending 1 meditation class per week. The research is in, and there’s no denying that meditation helps us live more mindful, balanced lives and that it provides huge benefits in terms of things like our stress levels and brain functioning. Our public meditation classes provide a supportive environment to get familiar with meditation if this practice is new to you.

On your own:

• Meditate 3 days per week (You’ll receive a free recording of a guided meditation when you sign up!)
• Pray or offer 1 loving kindness visualization to another every day (You’ll receive a free recording of a loving-kindness visualization when you sign up!)
• Offer 1 loving kindness action every day to another & personally journal it each evening
• Give something up for 30 days within the challenge, such as sugar, alcohol, animal products, complaining, judgement or resentment
• Minimize food that is not holistic or consciousness provoking and eat for your Ayurvedic constitution (You have the option of receiving a 45-minute, highly discounted Ayurveda consultation form and personal follow up on the phone as an add on feature if you’d like to learn more about this!)
• Complete a 3 day mono-diet cleanse (Instructions will be given for a suggested cleanse upon signing up!)

Once you sign up for the 30-Day Spring into Action Challenge, you’ll receive:
• A suggested 3-day mono-diet cleanse outline
• Audio of a Higher Self Meditation with Michelle
• Audio of a prayer to uplift the lives of others with Keith
• Yoga 3 days a week with any teacher in any style
• 1 meditation class per week and numerous free meditations

What happens when you finish?
After you complete the 30-day challenge, if you have met the requirements and given us your word by sending in your completed checklist, you may redeem 3 additional FREE CLASSES with the co-owners of Swan River Yoga, Swan Michelle & Keith Porteous.
Investment: $108
Dollar Value: $260
Karmic Value: Infinite

Optional Add-Ons:
30 day Spring Challenge with Dosha Consultation
Includes everything you get above, PLUS 1 Ayurveda Dosha online consultation & a 45-minute private follow up by phone with Michelle.
Email Nancy@swanriveryoga.com to get this discounted add on!

Spring Challenge with Meditation Series
Includes everything you get above, plus joining the 4-week Introduction to Meditation Series starting April 9. This series meets for 4 Mondays from 6:15-7:15 pm. You will get a promo code to receive 40% discount on this series after you register.

The fine print:

This challenge begins on the date of your next class once you’ve officially signed up.
It expires in 30 days after your first class.
Purchase offer ends: June 1.

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