Should I Come to Class?

If you are feeling under the weather, including, but not limited to flu or COVID-like symptoms, do not come to class.

If you DO have COVID symptoms, you will be asked to stay away from the studio for at least 14 days. If you cancel because you are sick, those class credits can be re-used when you are well. Otherwise, Swan River has a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you reserve a space for class and cancel with in 24 hours of the class OR don’t come, those credits are non-refundable. Our space is limited and our business appreciates your commitment during this time.

Students are highly encouraged to pre-register and pay for class ahead of time as space is limited. *Swan River can process cards on file if needed but does not accept cash at this time. 

To pre-register for a class:
1. Download the MindBody app on your phone.
2. Search for and select Swan River Yoga in the app.
3. Choose your class.
4. Purchase a pass in the app (pricing here:

*Please commit to the class you have registered for as space is limited.

Wearing a Mask
• Swan River Yoga is following all mandates for the City of New Orleans throughout the pandemic
• With the mask mandates lifted, Swan River will not require masks while in the building.When attending class at Swan River:
• Sign up in advance for all classes through the MindBody app or on our website here.
• Check in at the front desk and Proceed to the studio floor to set up your mat so that we can continue to welcome students and sign them in.
• Maintain as little contact with surfaces as possible.
• We will unlock the door 15 minutes prior to the class start time. Please wait outside until the door is open.
• Please be aware of your surroundings and give staff and other students 6 feet of space when you are in the Mandir.

Our procedures:
• We have thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.
• We will clean all high touch areas between classes as well as thoroughly clean daily.
• All teachers and staff are required to self-assess for any flu, Covid-19 or sickness symptoms. No teacher is permitted to teach with any symptoms.
• Teachers will stay on their mats and teach amazing yoga!

• You must stay on your mat, You can not walk around while you teach.
• No hands on assists at all or hugs
• All students will be given hand sanitizer if they don’t have it.
• All classes get 10 minutes to get ushered into the building.
• Students and staff can not congregate in the building.
• 2nd floor exit only unless buying something in boutique
• Props will be available for sale