Yoga Teacher and Healer Agreement of Integrity and Code of Ethics for Swan River Yoga

I promise, as a teacher of yoga, to uphold the ethics and integrity of the yoga practice for the welfare of all students.

I agree to the following list of guidelines for my role as a teacher. I am aware that I represent the high standards of yoga and of Swan River Yoga.

I will teach what the title of the regularly scheduled class states and not personally alter the definition of any class.

I understand that I must be a Certified Yoga Teacher to teach at Swan River Yoga. I understand that many specialized classes require certification. For example, no one that is not certified in a Restorative Yoga Teacher Training or a Prenatal Teacher Training may teach or substitute this class.

I will abide by the specific requirements for Restorative Yoga, Prenatal, Slow Flow and
Beginners Yoga so that the classes exemplify professionalism, consistency and clarity.

As a yoga teacher at Swan River Yoga, I understand that I am expected to know about more than the physical practice of yoga. I will continue to evolve and receive continued education hours that are truly aligned with the roots of yoga and the principles of Swan River Yoga. Some suggestions on this could be The Hatha Yoga Pradipika, The Bhagavad Gita, The Yoga Sutras, Ayurveda, Reiki, Vedic Thai Massage, Yoga Therapy, Vedic Thai Therapeutics, Sanskrit, etc.

I understand that familiarity with some of these texts and backgrounds of yoga is recommended. With so many yoga teachers and mixed practices at this day and age, I understand the recommendation of further education as a high reflection of Swan River Yoga.

No other Yoga Teacher Trainings will be permitted at Swan River Yoga or at any Swan River Yoga location that are not approved by the director of the Swan School, Michelle Baker.

Please remember that a Swan River Yoga Class has the following elements that I am expected to include when I teach it. You must be certified and approved by Michelle Baker to teach this class. I am breeching my contract and my word if I do not include the following:

A Swan River Yoga Class has:
Dharma Theme: a reference to the ancient and modern philosophy of yoga to in- spire higher purpose (Jnana Yoga) Air.
Chant: mind-clearing mantra to set an elevated mood (Bhakti Yoga) Fire. Physical asana: a flow-based (vinyasa) practice with emphasis on physical align- ment and breath, balancing out both Shiva and Shakti energy. (Hatha Yoga) Wa- ter.
Meditation and/or breathing exercises known as pranayama. Every transition is linked by breath. (Raja Yoga) Earth.
A metaphysical theme infused throughout the class. Ether.

In teaching any class at Swan River Yoga, as to respect the roots, ancient teachings and to offer a high level of professionalism, I understand that:

1. I am accepting all of creeds, nations, genders, sexual orientations, species, cultures, color of skin, & age.

2. I will not speak badly of any other yoga teachers, studios, studio owners, types or styles of yoga, or students. It is wise to recommend a student take classes that are suit- able for them and to offer them suggestions that support their interest and ability level. Yoga is a practice of community support. It is inappropriate to speak badly of others at all or their personal lives, especially in the walls of Swan River Yoga.

3. I will encourage uplifting speech in Swan River Yoga. I will welcome new students personally. I will not belittle any students or speak of their personal struggles. New students should be personally welcomed and handed a chant book so that you can ask their name and ask them if there is anything you need to know about their body or practice. Our duty is to ensure each student feels at home by creating a friendly environment. Encourage students to speak to each other so that it does not feel like a club but is all inclusive, beyond the personalities of the students. Speak of uplifting and safety topics, and dis- courage negative speech.

4. I will not engage in sexual behavior, talk or energetics of any kind with students. Sex- ual gestures, be it in speech, touch, dress or thoughts of any kind in yoga class are completely inappropriate, as the student is in a state of complete trust and openness. This will NOT be tolerated at Swan River Yoga. I understand Swan River Yoga is a place of deep spiritual work. Flirting, sexual remarks, dressing in a purposefully seductive way with the intention to objectify or manipulate others sexually is inappropriate at our Swan temple and is not the energy we wish to condone nor portray. If you find personal interests are happening, please take them completely outside of Swan River Yoga. Swan River Yoga is not the place. If you are a teacher, be very careful of the possibility of dating students. There is a very high risk of inappropriateness.

5. I am required to leave my personal “stuff” at the door and not talk about myself the entire time I am in Swan River Yoga, but to instead listen. I am here to serve and be here for others and will leave my personal stories and drama outside the door to clear my mind for service. I will not engage in gossip. I will listen to others.

6. As a leader, healer and teacher at Swan River Yoga, I will not be under the influence of any mind altering substances, alcohol or illegal drugs when I am on the property of Swan River Yoga at all, whether I am teaching, healing, visiting or taking class.

7. I will not play music that is profane, offensive or puts down a particular

belief system, culture, country, religion or race. I will not play the music so loud as to disturb the entire building and all that goes on in it. I will also be sure the students can hear me.

8. As a teacher, healer and leader, I will not speak of illegal or illicit substances or advocate then in anyway within the walls of Swan River Yoga nor associate. them with Swan River Yoga. Swan River Yoga does not condone illegal drug use of any kind.

9. I will ask students to first consult a physician whenever they come to me with health issues of any kind and not prescribe anything beyond my means of training and understanding. When in doubt, I will ask them to consult a physician. I also understand their confidentiality of these issues.

10. I am required to arrive 15 mins before my class time to be present and to welcome the students as well as set the space with high ambience and frequency. I will also place the space, props and altar back in clean order.

11. I am required to at least Chant OM in my yoga class 3 times at the beginning to set space and invoke intention in every class.

12. I am required to teach students of deep and real yogic philosophy at the beginning and throughout the class. The dharma talk suggestion is 1/2 personal story, 1/2 quotes or teachings from Sages, uplifting articles, poets and/or Saints.

13. I am required to articulate correct anatomical alignment principles and postural tech- nique in every class and offer modifications and props when necessary for their safe- ty. Suggestions beyond child’s pose are suggested.

14. I will end my class no later than 5-7 minutes from the stated ending on the schedule. After going over more than twice, I understand that I will lose my class.

15. I will find the most suitable substitute for my specific yoga class when a sub is needed. I am responsible for and will place my substitutes that are the most well suited or certified in my field on MindBody. I understand that I am responsible for finding my own subs and will not ask Michelle, Keith, or Swan staff to find substitutes for me. I will do my best to teach in the same vein as the person I am subbing for and if I can not, I will decline. I will also teach according to the class title.

16. I will look out for the safety of Swan River Yoga at all times. I will lock and check all doors when leaving the building or during closed hours. I will look out for students walking to their cars alone late at night. I will keep lights on on the outside of the building before leaving. If I am someone with an alarm code, I will take responsibility for setting ON the alarm before I leave.

17. I will not use the space during hours that are not mine unless I am teaching or have rented the space, asking the permission of our Manager.

Swan River Yoga is a center for transmitting the teachings of yoga with the highest integrity. We honor each of you. We each reflect the other and truly represent the other. As we grow, we find that an emphasis on ethics and integrity grows in it’s importance also.

In Love and Light, Michelle and Keith

I am in full agreement of Swan River Yoga’s Code of Ethics and will abide by the above statements in order to teach at Swan River Yoga, as well as signing a key holders agreement so that the space is safe.
If I am not able to do so, if I get questioned by the owners for something they find to be inappropriate or disrespectful or find at any time that the ethics do not comply with my standards or abilities, I will relinquish my role at Swan River Yoga. I also understand that my certification could be revoked under certain legal or extreme circumstances.