Release the Voice: Therapeutic Singing Lessons with Keith Porteous

“To free the voice is to free the person” – Kristin Linklatter.

What is the true voice? When we are young, we adapt in response to our environment. We absorb other’s communication patterns as we learn how to navigate our world in an effort to have our needs met. Some of these patterns were needed and useful in the past, but are these old patterns truly reflective of who we are? In a therapeutic singing lesson, we will do singing exercises with gentle yoga, held within a therapeutic context to invite the unbridled voice to be heard. Seen within the charka system, these sessions aim to clear the throat chakra of old stories, energies and blocks so the world can connect with the sound of who you truly are today.

60 minute Therapeutic Singing Lesson: $108

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About Keith

Growing up in a musical family, Keith began piano at 5 and sang at school, church, and especially under her grandmother’s guidance. After years of choir, In New York, she studied voice for seven years and sang professionally in various bands including her own. Having studied yoga and Buddhist philosophy since 2007, she enjoys matching mantras with sound to provide accessible tools for us all to receive the teachings. At Swan River, she sings at every yoga class, leads the Singing Circle and provides a healing sound space via Temple of Sound. She is pursuing a Masters in Music Therapy at Loyola University and believes that the healing power of sound is accessible to us all. Read more about Keith>>>


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