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Vedic Astrology Is an ancient science which is both universal and timeless. This vast body of knowledge encompasses all earthly phenomena past, present and future. Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) is based on the laws of nature which express the unity within the diversity of life, and supports the idea of an underlying intelligence governing all things with great precision and compassion.

Vedic Astrology seeks to impart to mankind a tool with which to understand and live in greater harmony with nature, to maximize opportunities for growth and minimize suffering. Vedic Astrology is the study of the subtle energies emanating from the different planetary personalities upon people, plants, animals and the Earth herself. These energies or rays, just like the sun-rays influence the human body and mind on all levels.

The personal Astrological chart, calculated with exact Time, Date and Place of Birth, has the capacity to indicate good or ill health, strong or weak vitality, emotional stability, how to best unlock your mental potential, to understand the ups and downs of astrological changes that we are going.

Vedic Astrology deals with Dharma (how to best perform our duties in life), Artha (how to apply one’s potential for economic development according to time, place and circumstances), Kama (the pursuance of happiness in regards to relationships) and Moksha ( freedom and liberation from material entanglement by enhancing our spiritual path for the afterlife).

Thus Vedic Astrology can be extremely helpful in the sense that it illuminates one’s path thru life step by step, depending on how close a look one wants to take. Thus even business reports, how to make the best use of this difficult, economic times, career orientation according one’s nature, human relationships, partnerships for love or work are topics that find practical answers in the field of Vedic Astrology.

One should not underestimate the role of the planets in causing or indicating disease and suffering in life as well as indicating happiness and well-being.

Vedic Astrology Readings (Jyotish) with Priya

Vedic Astrology is an ancient science mapping our soul’s journey to the cosmos, physically and spiritually. Each one of us is meant to use this divine knowledge, and ethereal wisdom to empower our lives, through deliberate use of free will. Yes, free will. Our will is our earthly power, and our charts can help us to learn how to use that power most efficiently and in conjunction with our highest dharmas.

Our charts help us to understand our own unique individual opportunities, gifts, dharmas, spiritual paths, karmas, and much more. Stream Prana Vedic Astrology helps individuals understand their soul’s journey, and how to connect this life on earth to that path.

Each chart, each life, and each soul is creative and unique in constitution. Combined with the powerful tools of asana (physical yoga postures), mantra, Ayurvedic principles, and a touch of Astro-cartography, Stream Prana Astrology can provide clarity and sense of purpose to anyone seeking guidance through astrology.

I will provide your unique chart and it’s messages, but also specific tools such as mantra, pranayam, yoga postures (asanas) and general Ayurvedic energy balancing suggestions.

Initial Basic Reading (60 minute session): $88
In Depth Analysis (90 minute session): $108
Follow Up (45 minute session): $70

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Payment for all Swan River Private sessions is due at the time of booking. Appointments are not confirmed until payment is received in full. Any cancellations, changes to the appointment, or no shows, within 24 hours or less of the appointment time, are subject to the full charge of the session fee.

About Priya

Priya has been teaching and practicing devotional and Kundalini yoga for over 12 years. She earned her first Bhakti based 200 Hour RYT from Wild Lotus Yoga in New Orleans, then earned a second 200 HR RYT in Kundalini from Yoga, Yoga in Austin, Texas. She began to seriously study and read vedic charts as a key component of integrating her yoga practice and ayurvedic lifestyle together, after learning the importance of fundamental energy balancing and healing principles. Her teaching and coaching style is to blend a vigorous and music filled hatha based vinyasa practice with breath work, kirtan, mantra, and deep intention for a fully integrated and transformational practice. When not practicing the eastern healing arts, she works as an energy engineer and loves to spend time in nature with her 3 sweet puppies.


Vedic Astrology Readings (Jyotish) with Prahlad

The Vedas are, in contemporary terms, ‘holistic’ in their approach to all knowledge. Human ailments can be linked to the outcome of the gravitational pulls exerted by the planets through rotation and revolution, which is why Astrology has such a close relationship with Ayurveda. Astrology is used as diagnostic tool for Ayurvedic practitioners in the treatment of disease – it provides the understanding of a person’s karma which can help the healer optimize their efforts.

Furthermore, the dasha system of Vedic astrology – it’s unique set of planetary periods – is particularly important for the timing of both disease and treatment, indicating the patient’s likelihood of full and lasting recovery or further disease.

Astrology indicates and Ayurveda analyzes the bodily patterns which consist of three health tendencies called Doshas or biological humors. The great Ayurvedic teacher Sushruta says that “just as the Sun, the Moon and the Wind are necessary for the regular functioning of this world outwardly, so are Vata Air, Pitta Fire and Kapha Water are necessary for the regulation of health in the human body”. When the planets are in disharmony in the sky, the balance of the human body between Vata, Pitta and Kapha becomes disturbed, thus creating ill health. Vedic astrology is famous for its remedial measures of Gems, mantras and Yajnas. It shows us how to bring the beneficial energies of the cosmos into our human lives in order to create powerful forces of change and transformation. These methods will help reduce our negative karmas and provide us with the spiritual attitude to deal with those difficulties.

All sessions are held via Skype
Complete Chart = $120
Compatibility (Complete Chart + partner) $180
Complete Chart + Compatibility + up to 2 children = $240

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Payment for all Swan River Private sessions is due at the time of booking. Appointments are not confirmed until payment is received in full. Any cancellations, changes to the appointment, or no shows, within 24 hours or less of the appointment time, are subject to the full charge of the session fee.

About Prahlad Nrsimha Das Adhikary

Prahlad Nrsimha Das Adhikary / Pedro Napoleon Velez Ledesma Prahlad Nrsmha began his connection with ancient India in 1970. At an early age he took initiation in several different branches of Yoga, and at the same time he began to take a deep interest in the sciences of Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology, Vasthu Shastra and others. Since that time he has studied and taught the Vedic sciences, especially Jyotish (Vedic Astrology), which he combines with the knowledge of Ayurveda and Samudhrika, the knowledge of physiognomy and palmistry.

In 1979 he took to monastic life and in 1981 was initiated into the Brahma Madhva Gaudiya Sampradaya Yoga lineage by his Guru, His Holiness Jayapataka Swami, a direct disciple of His Divine Grace A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. He considers it his duty to offer this practical and ancient wisdom as a service to others. He resides in Sridham Mayapur, India and has travelled extensively, lecturing at yoga centers and universities in the USA, Europe, Australia & New Zealand, South America and South East Asia for the last 30 years, he is a much appreciated adviser of royal families in Asia, Diplomats, famous sportsman, world renown celebrities. Still, he makes himself available especially to the people who have an affinity with Yoga and Spirituality.


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