200-Hr Bali Yoga Teacher Training

1 month 200 Hour Swan School
With Michelle Baker & assisted by Kelly Haas
January 4-27, 2016

Do you want to change your life, apply greater discipline, delve into the teachings of yoga in a retreat setting, free of the duties of regular life, with vegetarian local Balinese food cooked for you, in a sacred space and pilgrimage, while accessing nature to help you daily? Hearing waves crash as you learn the key teachings, with access to a Balinese healing center, large swimming pool, beach side property, surfing, swimming and exploring local temples and villages…. This is the training for you!

Bali, Indonesia is full of yoga studios, is rich in Hindu culture and Bhakti devotional practices, has the largest per capita of temples in the world and is a mystical, rich place for growth and development.

1 month on the quiet coast line of Bali Indonesia in a luxury resort on the ocean with a pool, epic yoga study space and Indonesian Spa in Chandi Das with Director Michelle Baker and Assistant Kelly Haas. Michelle Baker has been leading Yoga Teacher Training since the year 2006 and is delighted to offer them now Internationally. Kelly Haas has been the assistant to one of the largest yoga styles in the world. Both of these well-versed yoga teachers have been studying yoga since the late 90’s, have been in very close proximity with numerous high quality teachers from all around the world, hosting them and traveling with them. This training is intended to offer you all of the important and Real paths of yoga, with philosophy, devotion, meditation, selfless service and hatha yoga. Due to the primary influences of both of them, Anusara, Jivamukti and Ashtanga, the asana portion of this training is a very deeply balanced blend of technical, intelligent yet simple and Universal principles in alignment merged with creative sequencing and safe flow based asana.

This training is 7 hours per day from 7am-Noon and 5-7pm every day.

To join the Bali Yoga Teacher Training, click on the button to register thru Mindbody: Register Today

Accomodations & Pricing

Investment and Fees

The Course: $1800
Swan School Teacher Training Course Investment: $1800. A $1,000 non-refundable deposit will hold your spot. FULL payment is due December 20, 2015 upon beginning the course January 4th.

Payments are accepted by going to the Bali Trainings Page and signing in through our Mindbody system, where we accept credit cards. Checks made to White Swan Events and cash are also accepted.

Accommodations and food investment: Room & board – $2041 double occupancy. $3367 – Single.

Your accommodations must be paid IN FULL to begin your training. There is a 50% Non-refundable deposit due at best 2 months before the training begins, November 4th.

TO make a payment for your accommodations, which will require a wire $ International transfer to her, please write to: Andrea at Info@baliwellness.com. She will then confirm your acceptance.

***EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: Receive $108 off your paid in full registration by November 1st, 2015.

About Your Accomodations

Explore just how beautiful your accommodations are here! This is a luxury resort like non other you will have stayed at. Visit the Bali Wellness Retreat website for more info.

YTT in Bali at Bagus Candi Dasa:
January 4- 28th, 2016 (24 nights)
In a shared Garden View Room $2041
In a single Garden View Room $3,367

This quote includes the following services:
• 24 night’s Stay in Deluxe Garden View Villa
• Daily Breakfast
• 20 lunches
• 5 dinners
• Use of the yoga bale including props (maximum capacity: 25 persons)
• Scheduled Retreat Activities according to schedule ( How to make daily Balinese offering and demo of coconut climber )
• Use of our Herbal steam bathroom in the Spa
• Welcome Drink & Chilled Towel upon arrival
• A plate of tropical fruit upon arrival
• Complimentary 2 bottles of mineral water per day per room & 1 pet bottle mineral water for free refills during the stay
• Complimentary transport to Candidasa area according the schedule
• Free Internet connection ( Wi-fi ) at Restaurant & Bar area
• R/T Drop of and Pick up from/to the airport/retreat venue
• 21 % government tax and service charge

Important Information:
Contact: For inquiries, please write to Michelle directly at Michelle@swanriveryoga.com
Michelle’s Blog: SwanMichelleBaker@blogspot.com

Swan School, An Offering for Spirits to Soar

Bali group

A Swan in the making….A history of Swan School…

This will be our first Swan School in Bali Indo!
Swan School was inspired from the ashes of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and begin 2 years later in 2007. Each year, numerous beings from around the Gulf Region have attended (over 200 to date) and graduated in hopes to better serve their personal purpose, enrich their lives and serve their communities. Swan School was the first Yoga Teacher Training to ever seed itself in New Orleans. Co-directed by Michelle Baker and directed by Grace, this primary purpose of Swan School is to create and activate the importance of Satsang, building and developing like hearted family and relationships in our lives and then to serve others with more of the same. Michelle Baker was a part of making Swan River Yoga Teacher Trainings legal in the state of LA and is committed to activating the dharma (purpose) of all beings that come her way.

Of primary importance in Swan School is that the teachings remain authentic and respected, offering all of the foundational components to what yoga really is in our modern lives. Yogis were historically considered radical beings, as in respecting the roots. The Bhagavad Gita also states that the very first attribute that is to be embodied as a “yogi” is courage. One must have valor and boldly drop all that one has been taught in any conditional way whatsoever to get the unveiling of the Truth.

The Family Tree of Guru/Disciple to which you are now connected:

Our personal family tree at Swan River Yoga due to personal initiations, certifications and chosen company at the feet of a Master of which you are a part include:
Swami Shivananda and his current lineage of Swami Swaroopananda, Ram Dass (initiation in the Neem Karoli Baba lineage), Shri K. Pattabhi Jois ( the direct disciple of Krishnamacharya) and his grandson, Sarath Jois, Sharon Gannon and David Life of Jivamukti Yoga, Anusara Yoga teachings, Radhanath Swami of the ISKON movement ( International Society for Krishna Consciousness) Amma, the hugging Saint, Jaya Shree, the Sanskrit scholar and various Tibetan Buddhist lineages and teachers such as Geshe Michael Roach as well as numerous journeys and pilgrimages to India, The Motherland.

Introductions: Inspiration and Invocations
Mantra: So Ham. I am That. This is the Swan Song.

When a mirror is held up to it, it reads “Hamsa”, the Swan, the reflection back.

Just as a star in the constellation of the sky, may these teachings contribute to lighting up the Whole in remembrance of the Holy in all of the many parts. May these teachings and readiness to serve inspire, illuminate, spark and shed light in radical radiance as a part of a constellation helping to light up the Sky.

The Teachings

Raja Yoga (Meditation), Nada Yoga ( Sound), Jnana Yoga (Knowledge & articulation of scriptures), Bhakti Yoga (Mantra, Sanskrit, Harmonium and devotional practices), Karma Yoga (selfless service) and Hatha Yoga (all things physical, the postures, alignment, form, mechanics of a class, the art of sequencing, the art of physical hands on assists, asana therapeutics and safety)

Each day will be very dense with lecture and will also include asana practice, meditation, chanting and community service. Please bring all necessary recording devices, computer, camera and pen/paper. It will be a very deep time of study of the teachings and self study while activating them.

For this reason, some KEY COMPONENTS to the teachings of this training are all of the primary “margas” or roads, namely Bhakti, Raja, Jnana, Nada, Hatha and Karma, or practices in devotion, meditation, the study of scriptures, sound, asana practice and service. Each of these paths will be studied, practiced and required to graduate from Swan School.The key books in this training come from the numerous influences and teachers in our family tree, as well as The Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Sutras. The translation most common to yoga is “union”. We will practice the union of each path as a means to delve into the most important Union of all, the union to our Highest Self and to Grace. Very important to this training also are upholding integrity in everything that we do. Integration is yet another translation of yoga, stemming from the root integrity. The Swan School will be a purification process and is met to be integrated into our every day lives, diminishing separateness or mixed self serving motives within us. If you desire the Real deal yet want to be creative and honored for your diversity, this is the goal of Swan School and this is for and calling you. Our swan song is all about community (Satsang) and lifting one another up.

The word Apocalypse can be translated as “the uncovering”. It is stated that if you are even at all interested in the yogic teachings, then you have been a yogi for many lifetimes and may just now be remembering. Congratulations! You have been through so much to get here and now here you are, the luminous one is ready to be revealed after so much concealment.

What you will be TEACHING:
You will learn to boldly and skillfully experience and share Dharma talks, Devotional Mantra, Flow based asana with verbal alignment cues due to your anatomy, safety and therapeutic understanding, physical hands on assists, breathing exercises and meditation skills.

A DEFINITION OF A SWAN RIVER YOGA CLASS (what you will be teaching):

A Swan River Yoga Class is a unique creative fusion inspired by many backgrounds and teachers. This class is open to all levels and will offer numerous choices for both the beginner and seasoned practitioner. Along with an artful flow-based sequence, specific detailed alignment attention will also be included to bring you a well-rounded, authentic experience of yoga.
Be ready to listen to traditional yogic teachings and personal story-telling, observe the mind in movement and meditation, bring awareness to the breath, sing mantras in Sanskrit and/or English, and optimize the body’s health in challenging physical poses using disciplined strength and flowing movement.

A Swan River Yoga class will always have the following:
Theme: a reference to the ancient and modern philosophy of yoga to inspire higher purpose (Jnana Yoga)
Song: mind-clearing mantra to set an elevated mood (Bhakti Yoga)
Physical asana: a flow-based (vinyasa) practice with emphasis on physical alignment and breath (Hatha Yoga)
Meditation and/or breathing exercises known as pranayama. (Raja Yoga)
Level: OPEN

5 Elements of a Swan River Class: (for you to know)
1. Dharma Talk. Inspire their mind. Air/Vayu
2. Chant/Devotion. Stoke their heart. Fire/Agni
3. Breath and/or meditation. Give them grounded tools of independence. Earth/Prathivi
4. Equal balance of alignment instruction and flowing asana. Neither one nor the other is to be left out. This creates a balance of Shiva/Shakti. Water/Jala
5. Theme infused 3 times throughout the class. Tell them why they are doing all of this. Ether

The 4 Agreements by Miguel Angel Ruiz:
1. Be impeccable with your word
2. Don’t take anything personally
3. Don’t make assumptions
4. Always do your best

Training Outline

· Systems of Yoga: Pre-classcial Vedic Period, Advaita Vedanta, Classical, Buddhism and Modern day overview and history with Michelle Baker
· Family Tree: Profound influences that have shaped yoga as we know it today, as well as the very personal influences of this training and the background of the presenters, such as Ram Dass, Radhanath Swami, Sharon Gannon, David Life, Geshe Michael Roach, Jaya Shree, and anonymous Sages.
· Basic Sanskrit history, pronunciation and recitation teachings as per Manorama D’Avilia and Jaya Shree, both renowned teachers in the field of Sanskrit Studies.
· The Paths, or Margas, of Yoga: A major part of our training will be devoted to delving deeply into each of these Margas: BHAKTI, JNANA, RAJA, KARMA, NADA and HATHA yoga. These margas form the structure of a Swan River Yoga class. In BHAKTI, you will learn basic devotional rituals, basic harmonium skills, basic call and response chanting, getting comfortable with your voice, the art of vocalization, mantras, and the tenets of Bhakti such as Satsang, Shraddha, and Seva. In Jnana yoga, you will be required to give an appealing and affective dharma talk at the beginning of each class. The means to do this will be broken down. Every dharma talk will be based on the require readings. Discussions about how to transmit the teachings will take place in class. RAJA yoga will entail learning how to offer simple meditation techniques with mantra and japa. We will discuss the both importance of in-class meditation and personal daily meditation. KARMA yoga is often linked to Bhakti and included selfless service and being kind to others. NADA Yoga is the yoga of sound. We will invite you to play music in your classes if you wish and to honor the healing, transformational benefits of sound and healing vibration through the Nada Bramha.
· YOGA MYTHOLOGY: learning the meaning and the stories of the various deities and their avatars that come from India and are often included in many of the Sanskrit chants.
· ESOTERIC ANATOMY: Prana, the Koshas, The Shat Karma Kriyas and the Bandhas, The chakra system, including the nadis and the marmas.
· AYURVEDA: Basic teachings on the constitutions, or doshas, the elements and the subtle elements and how this understanding can give a teacher better comprehension about the students the teacher in order to better counsel them or prescribe for their daily habits, diet and tendencies.
· ETHICS: Taking your seat as a teacher, upholding your role, finding your voice, remaining neutral, techniques in how to keep your energy clear and your reactions to students optimal, doing our best to never breed contempt, competition, insecurity and fear. Being a pillar in your community with harmonic leadership skills. The art of business in yoga, the yoga of money and your relationship to energy and money, upholding harmony in your community, even beyond your specific location, will be addressed.
· HATHA Yoga: A major part of Swan River Teacher Training involves extensive work with asana. We will go through an the history of asana, practice memorizing the Sanskrit names and backgrounds of each pose (required to pass), differentiate between Gross form and Alignment, work on “Eagle Eye,” and staging from a micro personal level of each student as well as a global scale within the classroom. Michelle has created a “Holy Grail” Blueprint for Teaching that is a very useful guide for prioritizing and check-listing your efficacy. We will work on proper staging and demonstration of the poses in a classroom setting, and will break down into finite details the alignment of asana, moving safely. 40 hours included on basic anatomy for the yoga practice, anatomical YOGA THERAPEUTICS and Universal Principles of Alignment with Kelly Haas.
· ART of HANDS ON ASSISTS: Due to Michelle’s background in Jivamukti and Ashtanga, a great deal of guidance will be given in learning how to comfortably and effectively assist others verbally and physically. This is one of Michelle’s specialties.
· THE ART OF SEQUENCE: Learning creative, bold yet safe sequences that keep your classes fresh and new, finding your voice to do so, and shifting from poses safely with breath as the linking mechanism.
· SPECIALTY CLASSES: Very basic introductions to Pre-Natal, Restorative Yoga, and teaching diverse populations in Beginners, Slow Flow, Rigorous, and Advanced Levels of Hatha Yoga classes.

(Directly from your 350 page Swan School Teacher Training Manual:

Chapter 1: Now You are ready. (Everything that led you here.)
Chapter 2: Systems of Yoga & Our Family Tree
Chapter 3: The Margas of Yoga
Chapter 4: Bhakti Yoga Marga
Chapter 5: Bhakti Yoga Marga Continued
Chapter 6: Karma Yoga Marga
Chapter 7: Hatha Yoga Marga Continued
Chapter 8: Hatha Yoga Marga Continued
Chapter 9: Art of Alignment and Basic Yoga Therapeutics by Kelly Haas
Chapter 10: Asana Safety
Chapter 11: Hatha Yoga Marga Continued
Chapter 12: The Art of Sequencing with Shiva Shakti, Form and Flow
Chapter 13: Teaching Specified Levels and Classes
Chapter 14: The Art of Hands-On Assists
Appendix I: Sacred Preparation (Kriyas)
Appendix II: Entering the Castle (In-Class Observation Assignments)
Appendix III: Peace Bhajan
Appendix IV: May We Illuminate and Inspire (Favorite Quotes From Teachers)
Appendix V: Personal Contract of Devotion for Swan River Classes
Appendix VI: Yoga Teacher Agreement & SRY Code of Ethics
Appendix VII: Bios of Teacher Trainers
Appendix VIII: Requirements for Graduation


-Complete all homework assignments
-Write a 3-page 12 font single space essay for each required book
-Attend your Observation Class beginning after the break
-Complete an approved video of a Swan River Yoga Class
-Pass a 350 question take home test
-Pass your final exam
-Offer 1 SEVA class at our Arabi studio location
-Complete your payment agreement & investment.

Because of the nature of the background of Swan School, your REQUIRED READING for this training is:
Jivamukti Yoga by Sharon Gannon and David Life
The Journey Home by Radhanath Swami
Paths To God by Ram Dass ( with a suggestion to read a translation of the Bhagavad Gita beforehand)
Yoga Sutras translated by Geshe Michael Roach
(written papers are required for these 4 books).

*The Anatomy Coloring Book – coloring this is required.

Further Inspirations:

Suggested Reading for the purposes of Anatomical Understanding:
Yoga Therapy by Kelly Haas
Hatha Yoga Pradipika translated by BKS Iyengar
Yoga Mala by Shri K. Pattabhi Jois
*Any book by our above family tree teachers will highly benefit you.

Suggested listening to hear mantra, Sanskrit and kirtan recordings, a part of your requirement in a Swan River Yoga Class:
Jaya Shree Sanskrit scholar, Krishna Das, Jai Uttal, Bhagavan Das, Gaura Vani & As Kindred Spirits, The Mayapuris, Bhakti Caravan.
Go to the Swan River Yoga Bhakti Club Channel with Michelle Baker on YouTube to view simple and live harmonium with mantras.

Suggested listening for good Dharma Talks, a part of your requirement in a Swan River Yoga Class found on Sound Cloud or YouTube:
Ram Dass, The Dalai Lama, Radhanath Swami, Sharon Gannon.

About the Teachers

Michelle mermaid

About your co-pilot, Swan Michelle Baker:

Michelle Baker is the Founder and co-owner of Swan River Yoga, the director of the Swan River Yoga Teacher Training, member of the musical kirtan group Bhakti Caravan and a co-owner of Good Karma Prasad Cafe. She has been blessed with teaching yoga full time in New Orleans, the entire Gulf Region, NYC, the U.S. & internationally since 1998.

Her primary certifications are with Jivamukti Yoga, Anusara Yoga & Sivananda as well as being a student of Ashtanga in Mysore, India. She is also a Reiki Level III Master and has a certification in Ayurvedic Thai Yoga Massage from Sudevi Kramer and from The Sunshine School in Thailand. She also takes numerous trips to India to learn the ecstatic in the form of mantra singing, harmonium & Sanskrit studies.

Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of love and devotion and practiced by singing, dancing, ritual,art, serving & feeding others is her main path of passion. She is a member of the mantra group Bhakti Caravan with many Krishna Devotees, leading vocals, dance, crystal bowl concerts & gong. She offers lessons in mantra & harmonium.

She share’s her teaching globally, beyond the U.S. to Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Thailand, India and Indonesia.

She honors all of the beings that have influenced her deeply & of whom she has studied with personally & extensively, including Ram Dass, Sharon Gannon, Radhanath Swami, Shri K Pattabhi Jois, Geshe Michael Roach, Jaya Shree, the trees, the ocean, the stars, the sentient beings, the humble ones around the world. It is deeply important to her to honor, live, share, uphold & celebrate the true, authentic teachings of yoga, which is our lives.


Kelly Wheel

About Your Assistant, Kelly Haas:

Kelly Haas, RYT-500, Yoga Therapist, Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher, avid Spanish-speaker, is sought after for her skilled eyes and hands in therapeutic and alignment-based yoga.

She shares her depth of clear, biomechanics alignment through all levels yoga asana classes, restorative, and privates, as well as pre-natal and specializes in specific conditions and integrative yoga therapies to make yoga accessible to every body.

She has thousands of hours in intensive yogic studies and trainings and over a decade’s teaching experience. She had the great fortune to manage the world tour for Anusara Yoga’s Founder for nearly 7 years, managing all aspects of Anusara’s events, while receiving countless hours of philosophy, asana, therapeutics, and hands-on adjustment training. Prior to, she directed the yoga program at Pura Vida Spa in Costa Rica (www.puravidaspa.com), where she was introduced to many influential teachers and a variety of yoga and healing therapies.

Kelly has taught yoga and therapeutics and traveled widely in the U.S., Latin America, and Asia.