Recorded Live Classes

Welcome to Swan River Yoga’s Recorded Live Classes during the Pandemic.

We recognize this to be an important time. We are shaping history in this global awakening. Because of this, we at Swan River Yoga are doing all that we can to bring you access to conscious provoking practices while you responsibly stay at home.

If ever it is difficult for you to make it to class, or you just want a few classes that you can keep and have quick access to while in quarantine, or even after, these recorded classes by the co-owners of Swan River Yoga are for you.

You may want to keep these classes in your library, as later, it will be interesting to come back to these classes during one of the most impressionable times of our life.

How It Works:

Upon purchase of a class, you will receive an email receipt with a private link to the class hosted in Vimeo, where our archive is.

Thank you for supporting Swan River Yoga’s efforts to stay afloat and serve our community during this moment of vivid change and shift in the collective.


Dharma Theme: Boundaries Brings Greater Freedom. Boundaries & Boundlessness

The Dalai Lama was featured in Time Magazine. Listen to how we can learn to the balance of critical thinking, structure, discipline, clear definition, strategy, tactic with the laws of impermanence and the potency of compassion. Even science now is merging science with compassion more than ever before on the planet.

Asana Focus: Hamstrings, and modifications leading to Hanumanasana- split pose.

Tools: 2 blocks, 1 blanket, 1 wall, 1 mat

Investment: $20
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Dharma: I choose to place all of my energy on love over fear

Love is Ojas- well supported, immune and well guarded insulation, fluidity, flow
Fear is Ama- toxicity, disease, sickness, undigested, not processed, hardening of life

I choose life and to not be afraid. Work to have no hard feelings, even if you have contemplated death, just like the Avett Brothers song. Fear hardens us, yet even if you are dying, choose to die in love than to die afraid.

Asana Focus: Standing Split and Anjaneyasana low lunge variations on the floor and the wall for settling the nervous system and setting the femurs
Tools: The wall, 2 blocks, 1 blanket, 1 bolster

Investment: $20
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Dharma: Creating Bhav….

a fertile, soft and enlivening environment within your home so that it is felt as a sweet space of love and connection. In the bhav, we are held by the embrace of the Divine and the back body. In the bhav, we are held well in our sacred temple of our home, then picturing the globe is held well in sacredness, care and concern

Mantra: Audible Meditation of Om Tare Tutare Tare Soha- The Green Tara of Compassion for healing the effects of the Pandemic
Lokah Somasta Sukhinoh Bhavantu- May all, in all locations, experience the same sweetness and freedom of life
No Hard Feelings by The Avett Brothers
I am Loving Awareness/Shri Ram Jaya Ram as given to us by Ram Dass

Guided Meditation; 11 minutes to close the evening with the inner mantra “I am Loving Awareness”

Investment: $7
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Open the key of the door of your day consciously, by sitting quietly first, and listening inwardly as to tune in and set the tone for your day.

Morning Sadhana includes pausing and sitting or lying down in meditation. Mediation is 20 minutes.

Mantra for this session includes : Gate Gate Paragate Parasangate Bodhi Soha

Gone from suffering, Gone from forgetfulness to mindfulness. Gone all the way to the other shore, including the entire community.

This mantra is thought to be one of the most powerful heart sutra mantras in Buddhism.

We will recite this with Mala beads as a vocal meditation, and then in mantra style as a melody for attending to the emotional bodies.

Light Stretching: Low on the ground, this is a slow and accessible enlivening of the spine, nervous system, brain and heart health, heart tapping, without rushing, as we wake up for a beautiful, truthful day.

Tools: Meditation cushion or blankets, Mala beads

Investment: $7
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