Class Levels & Descriptions



  • Beginners: A break down for absolute new beginners
  • All: No experience necessary
  • Open: Moderate challenge yet welcome to all. This level will offer numerous choices for both the beginner and seasoned practitioner.
  • Advanced Swan Practice: Level II-III: Challenge will be present. “Tapasya” is translated as “voluntary challenge, struggle discipline or hardship.” This is a class meant to activate discipline, potential, warmth, movement & joy, spicing the community up!


Swan River Flow

Level: OPEN

The physical poses in a Swan River Flow class are a balance of flow-based Vinyasa sequence and alignment attention.
Focused on movement, connection, fluidity and warming up, sun salutations are a part of every class and the poses are woven together similarly to the warm up throughout. Breath is an emphasized linking mechanism with breath count. This class has influence from Ashtanga & Jivamukti. It is appropriate for beginner to advanced students yet some experience may be more suited to flow based yoga since little stopping takes place.

Honoring the tradition and roots of classical yoga, this class will have

*An intentional philosophical theme presented at the beginning and fused throughout the class
*Mantra in Sanskrit
*Breath emphasis and exercises or meditation

It will not have:
Multiple long held poses with extensive alignment
Lots of stopping and demonstrations

*A teacher offering Swan River Flow has a minimum of 400 hour YA certification


Swan River Align

Level: Open

The physical poses in a Swan River Align class will have more emphasis on alignment, skill and the integrity of the pose than rigorously linked movement or flow. Poses are not woven together with vinyasa. Sturdy, long held poses are often repeated and slowed down as to focus anatomically on the structure, safety and depth of form as the means from which to inform the body of misalignments and the biomechanics of poses. This class focuses on structure, strength and releasing tightness. More demonstrations, the assists of others or use of props and the wall are focused upon when needed, all meant for informing our body’s innate intelligence. This class has influence from Anusara, Iyengar and Yoga Therapy. It is appropriate for beginner to advanced students, and is an excellent template for therapeutics.

Honoring the tradition and roots of classical yoga, this class will have

*An intentional philosophical theme presented at the beginning and fused throughout the class
*Mantra in Sanskrit
*Breath emphasis and exercises or meditation
It will not have:
Breath count
Vinyasa style connection
Sun salutations

*A teacher offering our Swan River Alignment class has been teaching at least 3 years and has a 500 hour minimum YA training. We also teach alignment universally at our yoga studio and have trained our teachers to lead alignment cohesively.


Adaptive Yoga

Adaptive Yoga is yoga for every body. This class meets your body where it is, including bodies with limited mobility, flexibility and balance. Regardless of age, ability level or experience, you will be offered personalized adaptations of fundamental yoga poses. Each student receives support to enhance and deepen their mind-body connection. Co-taught by Kelly Haas and Keith Porteous with additional support and assistance from graduates of Swan River Yoga’s Therapeutics Teacher Training. Class is limited to 10 students.
Level: OPEN


Pure Beginners: Foundations Level 1

For those entirely new to the practice. Develop strength and balance through emphasis on building the foundation of the pose, creating space in the spine, and aligning the general form. This class breaks down the asana poses succinctly, with proper use of props so they are safely explained, demonstrated, and experienced with modifications.

This class is appropriate for students with injuries and/or physical limitations.
Level: Beginner


Beginners: Fundamentals Level 2

For beginning practitioners or on-going students who desire alignment-focused, slower moving classes. This class explains and demonstrates asana poses succinctly and with safety. Building on strength and balance, and a spacious spine, this class includes clear form and actions, solid alignment techniques, strengthening in backbends, and a slow introduction to more weight bearing poses on the upper body without vinyasa flow.
Level: Beginner


Community Swan Class

As an offering of service (Seva) and accessibility to our beloved community, this is a “Swan River Yoga Class” and a discounted investment of $8 from our yoga studio and dedicated yoga teachers.
Level: OPEN



Described as ‘simultaneously relaxed and profound’, this informal gathering welcomes all and encourages personal reflection on the text.  This course is an excellent continuing education  option for teachers and students who want to study the philosophies of yoga and Buddhism and put them into practice in their lives.



Call and response chanting to open up the subtle energy centers of the body so that we “lighten up”. Kirtan is a connection of community and the art of life. We tune in and connect with others, refining our listening, communication skills and vibration, both inner and outer. It is a perfect balance of receiving, or listening, and sharing, singing with honest emotion. A traditional kirtan setting is a bit different from the regular concerts we are use to in the West. The musicians are offering songs as prayerful expressions not as a performance but as a heart cleanse. Kirtans are typically very casual. You can listen, lie down, come and go and bring children. Dancing is also highly encouraged.
Level: ALL



Kundalini Yoga uses sound (mantra), movement (kriya’s), breath (pranayam), relaxation and mediation to balance and strengthen your physical, emotional and spiritual essences. This yoga technique offers away to combat the day to day stress by organizing, supporting and nourishing various systems in the body (glandular, elimination, nervous, etv.). Many of the classes focus on bring balance to the glandular and immune systems to provide healing and therapeutic benefits to the nervous system. It works on subtle levels to provide profound effects. Ultimately, it is vehicle to uncover your true self to live soulful, healthy and happy. It is often refereed to as a “Yoga of Awareness”.
Level: ALL


Pre-Natal Yoga

For all Moms to be, regardless of your yoga experience. This class is safe and accommodating to all months of pregnancy, and is a precious preparation for proper breathing, hip opening, and lower spine and sciatic relief, soothing nerves, and emotional balance for the growing months of pregnancy. It is a quality time to meet other mothers to be, and to access and maintain a center of maternal serenity for being a skillful, loving parent.
Level: ALL


Reiki Energy Clearing Class

Remove obstacles. Call your energy back. Let go of what no longer serves you.

You will lie down and do basic personal clearing and Reiki of your own Chakras as you are guided through each one by Michelle. She will also be clearing the room and you with metal bowls, crystal tuners, crystal bowls, gongs, sage and mantra and offering all energy back to the Source with great forgiveness.

Open to all beings. No experience is necessary. No yoga asana will take place. This is not a Reiki Training but an open class.
Level: ALL


Restorative Yoga

This class invites deep nurturing, receptivity, self inquiry and a total slow down. Done low or lying down, there are no standing nor rigorous sequences offered. 

Originally created by Judith Hansons Lasater and influenced by BKS Iyengar, the use of props such as bolsters, blankets, blocks, straps and the wall gently ease one into opening the energy over an extended period of time.

Created especially for those under stress,  decompressing, recovering from injury, beginning, unwinding from a difficult time,  hardship or trauma, this is the permission of  conscious stillness, the reduction of multi-tasking  and  glorifying therapeutic slowing down.

For beginners, those with injuries,  injury recovery, special needs, pre-natal and trauma recovery.

Bring into calm the commotion of the world.

Level: ALL

“In an age of speed, I began to think, nothing could be more invigorating than going slow. In an age of distraction, nothing can feel more luxurious than paying attention. And in an age of constant movement, nothing is more urgent than sitting still.” Pico Iyer; Adventures In Going Nowhere


Ritual: Yin & Nidra

Our Ritual Yin/Nidra Class promotes space, & conscious stillness with poses that are simple, slow and low to the earth. The length of each pose is long, the attention inward, the affect deep. There are minimal standing poses. There are no sun salutations or flow.  It is a class designed to settle the nervous system,  advocating an accessible healing that comes from within. Some props for restorative yoga poses, breathing exercises or visualization may be introduced at the end.

Each class will end with a 10 minute supported and guided Yoga Nidra Shavasana, the yoga of deep lucid dreaming, where emphasis and space is held for releasing anxiety, stress, trauma, or promoting the health of specific systems or parts of the physical or subtle body (Chakras, Nadi’s, Koshas.) Yoga Nidra is the stage before Meditation. It is meant for healing the body and checking in with it intimately free of over sensory stimulus & distraction, inviting the re-patterning of the Theta wave of the mind.

Due to the nature of this class, it is very accessible for many body types, abilities and ages, as well as for anyone under stress, anxiety, lack of mental clarity, overwhelmed by numerous tasks or a deep need to go inward for self-healing.

Level: ALL



This class is on the 3rd floor will a small group to allow for more more personal attention & personal hands on assists.
Level: ALL


Slow Flow

Slow Flow is a physically present practice in between a beginner’s class and an open Swan River or Jivamukti class. This class will be challenging but available to all ages. Expect movement, breathing practices, balance poses, and restorative yoga to conclude your practice.
Level: ALL


Sound Bath

This pure high vibrational lying down concert includes  large crystal bowls, planetary gongs, an extensive collection of tuning forks, balinese metal drums, elemental chimes, along with the soothing serenade of sacred mantra by Swan Michelle.

Meant to recalibrate the nervous system, energy body and chakras, sound therapy has also been used as a soft form of  meditation, and an artful  transmission for healing PTSD.In yoga, sound and listening was the original form of healing. 

This is both an incredibly creative and unique experience to bring your entire family to in silence and a deep reset of the sacred. All levels are welcome. There is no movement in this sound experience. 

Swan Michelle has been offering Sound Bath’s as an invitation to listen and deepen our sensitivity to harmonic, resonate frequencies at Swan River Yoga since 2012 and across the Gulf Coast and globe.


Swan Align

From the novice to the seasoned practitioner, a Swan Alignment class will deepen and refine your understanding of yoga asana, while enhancing strength and flexibility.  A portion of the class will be devoted to breaking down a pose into its most basic components with demonstrations, props, and modifications.  Focused less on flow and more on form, this fun and interactive approach will teach you how to properly align your poses to maximize the body and mind benefits of asana.

Level: ALL



Swan Intermediate

This class spices up the practice just ever so slightly with a bit more vigor and a few key challenging peak poses demonstrated. Similar in flavor to our Swan River Yoga Open Level, it is chock full of the same delicious treats such as dharma, bhakti, breathing & a balance of alignment and flow, yet it is meant to inspire challenge & growth in a light, celebratory atmosphere. Often you will find a Senior Swan Teacher with a seasoned practice leading/doing this class.

Level: Intermediate/Advanced


Teacher Training

Serve you community in the highest. Delve more deeply into your practice and serving others. Learn the fundamentals of yoga, chanting, voice, meditation, philosophy, anatomy, asana alignment, yoga assists, asana sequencing, ayurvedic medicine, esoteric anatomy, breathing techniques, and community service or seva, so that you honor your Inner teacher. In honoring your inner teacher you may then find the need, calling of desire to teach others yoga. The purpose of this training is both meant for personal growth and as a means to naturally serve, teach or liberate whomever we meet.
A regular 6 month 350-hour course is offered as well as an annual 6-week course in Advanced Studies, suitable for those both currently teaching and those wishing to advance their personal studies and practice. Find out more here.