amanda Day Vance

Certified Yoga Instructor E-RY500
Ayurvedic Wellness Consultant
Culinary Healer & Lifestyle Coach
Certified Yin/Nidra Yoga Instructor
Certified Restorative Yoga Instructor
Meditation Guide
Reiki Practitioner I

I believe cultivating a well-balanced, healthy mind-body-soul begins within. We are all well seasoned, just like a cast iron skillet. Though, through time, what we have done, through what we do, throughout the seasons of life, we become more seasoned in our ways. We have many experiences in life and through our life-style, our yoga practice, we can handle just about anything that comes our way, we just have to guide our ways in balance and harmony. Learning to embrace the times of life through challenges, losses, growth, is how we become who we are.

Amanda is available for Private Ayurveda Consultations and Private Yoga Nidra sessions via our Wellness page.

More about Amanda

My journey in life is to guide, feed and heal the mind, body and soul through clean, well-balanced, organic foods, to center one’s self through the teachings of yoga, to teach purpose through the meaning of dharma, to create openness through the stillness of meditation, to balance through the journey of Ayurveda, to create the joy and healing of life through movement through the body and just living a well seasoned life in itself.