Angela Bergeron

Becoming aware and making connections all start with the breath. I remember how unnatural it used to be for me to tune into my breath. Just to notice the breath took a great deal of focus, attention, and reminding. I used to use objects as a reminder, so when I’d look at them to breathe such as chopsticks, asian figures or paintings. For the longest i wanted to get a tattoo that said BREATHE as a reminder but could never decide on a spot or the proper font. Ultimately I was led to yoga through a friend and I started my yoga journey in 2011.
YOGA is surprisingly all about the breath! lol It took some time and it wasn’t always easy( that’s why it’s called a practice) but more and more focusing on my breath became second nature. It’s my go to when anything arises. Where’s my breath? How am I breathing? Slow it down, relax, deep breath in then out, connect!!! Breath is our connection to source, ourselves and all other beings. It is a reminder that are alive, we belong, we are meant to be here, IT IS OUR LIFE FORCE!!! Remind yourself as many times as it takes BREATH = LIFE

Angela is available for private and group private yoga, meditation and Reiki sessions via our Wellness Page

More about angela

My teacher journey began after my Mom passed in 2016. This was how I healed. Not knowing if I wanted to eventually teach or not. I knew I wanted to deepen my practice and see where it led.
I began with my 400 hour teacher training with Swan Michelle and during which I did my level 1 Reiki training followed by level 2. In 2018 I completed my first 30 hour Therapeutic Teacher Training with Kelly Haas. Soon after i received my Reiki 3 master certificate with Swan Michelle. Restorative yoga teacher training with Michelle Baker & Kelly Haas, Advanced Restorative Teacher Training with Anne Wanda Tessier, 100 hour Therapeutics Teacher Training with Kelly Haas.
I love the therapeutic side to yoga. Knowing there is an asana to help alleviate whatever you are experiencing in the body or mind. Regardless of your physical or mental challenges. YOGA is for EVERYONE. I bring a lot of this to my class when teaching along with reiki healing energy for the whole room. I’m available for privates group or individual yoga sessions as well as Reiki sessions.