Cat Kennedy

Cat Kennedy is a practitioner of both Yoga and Internal Family Systems. She specializes in teaching individuals how to connect with their bodies and move mindfully from a place of stillness and curiosity. Her teachings focus on cultivating present moment awareness and utilizing the body as a tool for self-exploration and mindfulness.

In her early 20s, Cat turned to yoga to help her overcome her struggles with an eating disorder, which ultimately helped her develop a healthier relationship with her body and food. Most recently, she has completed the level one training in Internal Family Systems, and has since delved deeper into studying the subconscious

More about Cat

Her primary focus revolves around exploring the ways in which past traumas can
manifest in our daily lives. By delving into the impact of personal and generational traumas on
our bodies, decisions, and interactions, Cat sheds light on the profound influence they
wield. Drawing from her own experiences as a survivor of interpersonal violence and narcissistic
abuse, Cat is an ardent advocate for empowering individuals to voice their truths,
nurture inner resilience, and embrace authenticity.

Originally from Biloxi, Mississippi, Cat has embraced the opportunities to live in diverse
cities such as San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Fe, and New Orleans.

In addition to holding multiple
certifications in her areas of expertise, she has earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a
master certification in reiki. Currently, Cat is pursuing further education in a yoga therapy
program based in Encinitas, California.
During her leisure time, Cat finds joy in reading, writing, baking, immersing herself in
nature, and embarking on travel adventures.

Cat offers Private Yoga and IFS sessions by request.

To connect online, you can reach her at: