Joy meade

I’m Joy! I received my first lessons in non-attachment when my grad school voice teacher told me I needed to learn to not care so much. I had no idea what on earth that meant, After about twenty years of practicing yoga, I began to see glimpses of how I could be deeply passionate about something and yet not be completely contracted around it, how I could put my heart and soul into something without being gripped and controlled by it. I have a deep love of the wisdom books of all traditions, and I love to explore the
common threads that connect us all. I believe these ancient teachings offer incredible support and inspiration for the struggles we face today, and I often weave teachings from the Yoga Sutras and other writings through the practice to bring it home to the heart.

I am certified in Vinyasa, 500 RYT, and I trained with Rolf Gates, and I received a certification in sound healing through the Sound Healing Academy. I teach yoga, meditation,
voice lessons, and I love to incorporate my musical background in my yoga classes with singing, chanting and with sound bath experiences.