Lynn Austin lalka

Lynn began practicing yoga in 2007 as a way to minimize stress while in law school. She began to deepen her practice in 2010 when she moved to New Orleans and began practicing at Swan River Yoga.

In 2013, Lynn completed the 350 hour teacher training at Swan River. Since then, she has also completed over 80 hours of training focused specifically on therapeutic alignment and a 36 hour Prenatal teacher training. Lynn has gained skills and knowledge to work with Prenatal and Postnatal students, as well as students with injuries and limitations.

Lynn is also available for Private Yoga sessions including Group Yoga & Meditation as well as Private Pre & Post-Natal Yoga sessions via our Wellness page.

More about Lynn

Lynn seeks to infuse an equal mix of tranquility and challenge into her classes. Above all, she is dedicated to ensuring class feels safe and accessible for all. She is skillful at providing alignment cues and modifications to ensure that every student is able to make the practice their own.