Michelle Scandurro

I believe that when we learn to deliberately move our bodies between the sympathetic (go!) and parasympathetic (be still!) modes of the nervous system, we unlock health & peace in our bodies and minds.   Mindful meditation and restorative yoga are some of the most powerful tools to cultivate this skill.  Our culture expects our nervous systems to remain in the sympathetic and rewards that state; we rush to complete our “to do” lists and feed our perfectionistic tendencies.  We praise people who work excessively and view self-care as a luxury, something to do only when we’ve completed everything else on our lists.  Our devices encourage our minds to separate from our bodies, and we live in our heads.  This is not how we’re wired to work,  so it inevitably brings us into a place of dis-ease.  We’re taught from a young age to be productive, but we’re rarely taught how to rest & connect with our bodies.  

I invite you to set aside regular time to rest with intention.  My mindful meditation and restorative yoga classes focus on the vital skills of interoception (feeling sensations inside of the body) and mindfulness, which together signal your body to switch into the parasympathetic state.  Being in parasympathetic mode releases your body’s life force: healing, learning, creating, and connecting.   I emphasize body awareness and teach from a trauma-informed perspective.  I understand, from personal experience, the very specific needs of yoga students who are living with PTSD and sobriety. 
I would love to practice with you!
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More about Michelle

Certifications & Trainings
  • 2023 – 20 hour Foundational Training: TCTSY (Trauma Sensitive Yoga)
  • 2023  200 hour YRT certificate through Swan River  (led by Michelle Baker & Brigitte Martin)
  • 2023 – Mindful Meditation Teacher certificate from MMTCP (led by Tara Brach & Jack Kornfield)
  • 2024 – Bridge Course, Swan River Svadhyaya School (Keith Porteous Meade)
Future Plans
  • 2025 – enrolled in TCTSY (Trauma Sensitive Yoga) 300 hour certification program
  • 2025 – intends to earn Relax & Renew Level 1 certificate in Restorative Yoga with Judith Lasater