Monica edelstein

Monica began practicing yoga over 30 years ago as a way to ease the stresses of college life. She has always been drawn to the body-breath-mind connection and enjoys both alignment and flow-based practices. In addition to graduating from the 400-hour Swan River Teacher Training in2017, Monica has completed Yoga Therapeutics and Prenatal Yoga trainings with Kelly Haas, Reiki I with Michelle Baker and Nancy Maas, and training in the chakra-based Lady Niguma series with Nicole Vigna and Keith Porteous. Most recently she has been inspired by the teachings of Iyengar teacher Mychal Bryan and Prajna Yoga founder Tias Little.

Monica currently teaches Swan Flow, an open level class that combines attention to physical alignment with creative sequences of linked poses, and Chakra Flow, based on the ancient Lady Niguma sequence designed to increase the flow of energy through the chakra system. Her classes are grounded in classical yoga philosophy, principles of physical alignment, and the energetic systems of the subtle body. She strives to make each class engaging, fun, and accessible, offering a range of pose variations to meet students where they are.

More about Monica

Originally from New Jersey, Monica fell in love with New Orleans in the early 1990s and has since made it her home. Originally trained as a cultural anthropologist, she has been fortunate to have been able to travel and live in several parts of the world, engaging with amazing people from diverse backgrounds. She and her husband are currently raising two teenagers – a journey truly full of teachings.

In addition to group classes, Monica customizes private and semi-private
sessions for beginner students, as well as those looking to deepen their
overall practice, address an anatomical focus or challenge, and/or build a home practice.

Monica is available for private and group private yoga sessions via our Wellness Page.