Raschad Kelly

Raschad has been a Fitness (Personal) Trainer for 9 years, training at Equip Fitness in Mid-City, New Orleans. Earning his certification through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine). His inspiration for Yoga came from years of training (strength training) Yogis.

A few notables include Swan River Teachers Kelly Haas, Serra Wobbema, and Caroline Hughes. Growing more inspired over the years, Yoga was something that resonated with him so much that he decided to start his own Yoga journey, which led him to Swan River.

He obtained his Yoga Teacher certification through Swan School Teacher Training in February 2023.

More about raschad

Raschad is also an active Lululemon New Orleans Ambassador, and has been since 2020, with a strong passion for helping to keep his community active andengaged in health & wellness.
When he’s not working, he loves going on runs, reading, and listening to