Steph navjeet

Steph – Navjeet Kundalini Yoga teacher Steph is a certified level two (2) Kundalini Yoga (500 RYT) and a SRY yoga teacher, and she is on track to become a yoga teacher trainer.

She has been teaching kundalini yoga since 2011, and is also an award winning filmmaker. She deeply understands the transformational aspect of yoga and brings this awareness to her classes.

Her classes blend metaphysical themes with physical experiences to encourage perspective shifts that explore the essence of the true self. Her background covers a range of experiences from environmental science, herbal nutrition and filmmaking.

Steph is available for Private and Group Private Kundalini and Meditation sessions.

More about steph

Her award winning film, Give Light: Stories from Indigenous Midwives, addresses reproductive justice. The film bridges the gap between traditional wisdom and modern technology.

Sign up on her website for screening details at www.givelightinfo

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