Anything But Ordinary

Focus of the Month: November 2021

written by Swan Michelle

“It is not happiness that makes you grateful but gratefulness that makes you happy.”
-The Book Of Joy, Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu & The Dalai Lama

This moment and this time in our lives is anything but ordinary. Huge shifts are taking place. Notice this moment. Inhale it completely. Appreciate it. And exhale it all out, sharing it. When we are grateful, we are not fearful of receiving nor of sharing. Gratitude connects us back into manifestation. It is a direct migration back to Grace.

Appreciation is the rekindling of all that is magnetic. It is like discovering a hidden treasure again and again. Today, upon waking up, note the first thing you see, and give thanks. Open your day with gratitude. Close the day with thanks, palms pressed together at the heart. How we open and close all doors reveals our state of awareness of all that is now.

Now, write down or meditate upon all that you find to be so incredibly supportive of your very existence, be it practices, places or solid, reliable beings that believe in you and have proven time and time again they are ever supportive, not only in their words, but their actions. This is not ordinary.

Catalog what you receive each day, be it your health, an opportunity, a kind gesture from your neighbor or a realization from yesterday’s experience. Offer the warmth of gratitude in person whenever it is possible. If not, shift the mind to gratitude when it is negative or restless. It does truly keep what your Soul desires nourished. Gratitude is the polishing of the mirror and the precious gems of this life, seen or not yet discovered. Nourishing what we receive each day is gratitude.

Discern what steers you away from your true nature and what disturbs you. It is not worth it. This is the power and pivot of transformation and manifestation. Prosperity is a saving and value to time, energy, and focus, so that you can love and enjoy more deeply what is right here now. You are worthy of this as are we all. Gratitude, an act of noticing, turns anything base into gold. What was is perfect just as it was.

Worth is here. Worth is there. It is behind the worry, behind the anxiety. Behind what you think you do not have, or don’t have in you. It is inside of all experiences and emotions. Gratitude reciprocates worth back to you. Worth is there when you close your eyes. Worth is there when your eyes are open. It is up to us to notice.
Made of carbon, a diamond has undergone a process of serious heat and pressure, which can represent our pains, dissatisfactions, and perceptions of inadequacy. What is revealed under this pressure is valuable and rare. Not rare in the sense that it only happens to a few beings, but that the process of revelation is quite a vision that is anything but ordinary.

Appreciation reminds us this is all extraordinary; the pain, the adventures, the losses, the fear, the pain, the teachings, the changes, the serenity, the stillness, the concealments of this moment, the revelations of the next.

The word “sacrifice” comes from the word “sacred.” Often, without appreciation, we sacrifice the sacred to such an extent we then feel empty, and we believe in loss instead of our future.

Sacrifice only this: the illusions of what you cannot see or face, and the fear that keeps tucked away a feeling of hopelessness of which is not you. You are everything.
Protect the sacred with your gratitude. This is inner prosperity. Maintain protection of all that supports your deep inner growth, keeping it well polished.

If this is sometimes difficult for you, practice this mantra:

Protection Mantra:
Saha Na Vavatu.Saha Nau Bunaktu. Saha Viryam Karavavahai.Tajas vi navaditam astu. Ma vidvishhavahai.
This chant is the opening verse of the Upanishads, and thus, encapsulates the essence of the Vedas.
OM, “Symbol of Supreme”
Saha, “Together”
Nau, “Us”
Avatu, “Protect”
Bhunaktu, “Protect, nourish, guard”
Viryam, “Heroism, prowess, strength, vigor, courage, power”
Karavavahai, “work, accomplish, create, produce, compose”
Tejasvi, “Brilliant, bright, successful, powerful, heroic, noble”
Adhitam, “Study”
Astu, “May it be”

The luminous vision of fortitude found in appreciation can redirect any of the confusion a belief in lack blurs. Appreciation nourishes us all. Appreciation guards us all. Appreciation brings strength and vigor to us all. Appreciation creates more for all. Appreciation is the respect of all that was, and can be no more, but exhilarates an energy of all that is still to come.

We may possibly agree upon something…. this moment, this time we are in, all of our experiences, shared and personal, is anything but ordinary. What if…. it is extraordinary?


Reading: The Book of Joy – Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu & The Dalai Lama

Asana direction: levity in spirit in directing poses! Heart openers mindfulness in all actions in our lives leads to joy. Direct towards joy at all times, which is anything but ordinary

Link: Appreciation: All That Is Right Before Your Very Eyes – Swan Michelle

November 2021