Focus of the Month: October 2021

Sat Nam

written by Steph ‘Navjeet’ Smith

‘Sat Nam’ is a mantra, and an expression we often use in Kundalini Yoga. It has a meaning and physiology embedded in it. The words together mean ‘true vibrational consciousness’.
“Sat Nam is the bij, or seed mantra. It is small and potent.
Great things grow from it. If it is not written in your destiny ..
.. to know higher consciousness, this mantra will engrave it in your destiny.” Yogi Bhajan

The mechanics of pronouncing the words stimulate the master glands and the nervous system.

By invigorating the nervous system and glandular system it can create a space for ‘true vibrational consciousness’. But what does this mean? In this simple question a profound journey begins.

The mantra is a constant reminder to explore yourself and become aware of all that you are. In the words of Deepok Chopra, ‘the world is not outside you, the world is inside you’.

Sat Nam, the ‘True Self’ beyond the imprints of the past or conditioning of society. The self beyond what you create to fit in, look good, be good, be bad, align with social norms or whatever the ego what’s to project out, or others projected on. What’s the real truth of you?

The world inside of me.

The world inside reflects the world outside. Personally, I have experienced shifts by bringing awareness and self love to my own perceived limitations and internal challenges . When I showed up for myself I noticed that the universe showed up for me.

In yogic philosophy you are contributing your energy to the collective energetic field, the vibration, the collective nervous system.

What are your inner conflicts, and how do they contribute to the outer conflicts?

Imagine if you brought peace to your own internal struggles. Would that help to bring peace to the world? The ancient yogis believe it would.

The mantra invites you to explore the awareness of you, to ‘Self Realize’, get real with all of who you are, and in doing so you will bring light to the world.

Here is a link for meditations using the mantra Sat Nam

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